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Accreditation of Human Resource Discipline

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Examine the benefits of obtaining a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification and / or a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification. Rate the importance of these certifications with regard to an HR employee's career.

Examine some of the causes and symptoms of employee burnout. Propose steps that management can take to reduce the possibility of employee burnout.

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Solution Summary

The solution shows that there are different levels of HR certifications-- PHR, PHR-CA, SPHR, SPHR-CA, GPHR, HRBP and HRMP.

The response identified the benefits of accreditation to human resource discipline.

Causes and symptoms of employee burnout and how management can intervene were also discussed.

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I. Levels of HR Certifications

There are different levels of HR certifications, namely, Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Professional in Human Resources -California (PHR-CA), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Senior Professional in Human Resources- California (SPHR-CA), Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR), Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP), and Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP).

II. Benefits of HR Certifications
So, why is there a necessity in earning certifications?

The 2013 Certification Policies and Procedures Handbook of HR Certification Institute gave these advantages:
a.) Hiring managers often consider an HR applicant's professional certifications when making hiring decisions;
b.) A growing number of organizations prefer to employ HR-certified professionals;
c.) Business leaders frequently find HR-certified professionals to be highly motivated, strong performers who are more knowledgeable of the HR field; and
d.) HR professionals report that having a certified HR staff is good for their organization's financial performance

III. Importance of ...

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