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Declining Resources in Government: Impact to HRM Functions

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What are the impact of declining resources for the Human Resource Management functions in government?

This solution explains how government employment was once considered a "lifetime career" and now with declining resources (mainly revenue) - this is no longer a given. Lack of funding results in severe challenges for HR to attract, and retain, the best talent for jobs. Additionally, once employees are hired, there are no guarantees for "permanent" employment as in recent years, many government agencies at the Federal, State and local areas have been subjected to mass layoffs and furlough days.

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Working for the government use to mean a "lifetime career" with benefits often not found within private organizations. Federal retirement systems with guaranteed payments ( are not so easily found in organizations which offer 401k plans that are impacted by market conditions. People sought out employment with the government for the competitive compensation and benefits, along with job security. However, in the past few years, government employment no longer comes with a "lifetime career" guarantee. Government agencies generally function off tax revenue, often calculated in the form of sales tax and property ...

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This solution is over 350 words and includes a reference, supporting how declining resources have seriously impacted several human resource management (HRM) functions - such as recruitment and retention of quality employees.