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    Union Effect on Human Resources

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    What is the most significant effect the existence of a union has on the management of human resources?

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    The most significant impact that unions have on human resource management (HRM) is the loss of dealing with an employee as an individual. Unions are formed to represent its members in regards to hours, wages and working conditions. This includes everything from salary structures (base wages, longevity, special premium incentives, educational bonus, etc.) to benefits (medical, dental, disability, life insurance, uniforms, etc.) and schedules (8 hour days, swing shift, ...

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    This solution is about 300 words and addresses the most significant impact that the existence of unions have on the management of human resources. Unions are created to represent a group of employees; in regards to their hours, wages and working conditions. Management of human resource initiatives can no longer be conducted on an individual basis when unions exist. Human resources must engage the union representatives to provide for collective bargaining agreement terms that impact all represented employees. The negotiation process can, and often does, result in time and potential cost issues.