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- Locate a job description online for a Fortune 500 organization. The job description should include the following components:

Position details
Job duties
Performance standards
Job factors

- Identify recruitment and selection methods that are consistent with the organization chosen.

- Develop a concept map that summarizes the steps of recruiting and the selection criteria for an employee using the job description selected.

- No more than 1,110 words, including introduction and conclusion, that includes rationale for the decisions.

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The expert locates a job description online for a Fortune 500 organization. Recruitment and selection methods are provided.

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Job Title: Area Floor Manager.

Responsibilities include the following:

• Strong verbal and written communication. Manager must be able to effectively communicate with employees, vendors, and consumers.

• Manager must address consumer and associate concerns.

• Develop strategic plans for area of responsibility.

• Ensure quality assurance and maintain employee and consumer safety standards.

• Ensure performance measures are enforced for a smooth production processes.

• Participate in leadership training and development initiative for current associates.

Candidates must have a bachelor's in business, logistics, and/or a year of supervisory experience.

To achieve the objective of this position, management is required to utilize four vital components such as "planning (e.g., establishing goals),organizing (i.e., determining what activities need to be completed to accomplish those goals), leading (i.e., ensuring that the right people are on the job with appropriate skills, and motivating them to levels of high productivity), and controlling (i.e., monitoring activities to ensure ...

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