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The Talent Pipeline and Executive Onboarding

Discussion 1: "The Talent Pipeline"
1. Analyze how the talent pipeline offers the best candidates to organizations, and determine how to access the pipeline for your industry or profession. Also discuss if you foresee a need to change the pipeline to meet future needs of employers. If so, state those changes and your rationale for why they will be required.

Discussion 2: "Executive Onboarding"
1. Create a checklist of steps to ensure that executive onboarding will result in a timely and efficient process to orient new executives to the organization and provide the rationale for the sequence you develop.

Please note these are discussion questions not an assignment, also please add references.

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1. Talent pipeline offers the best candidates to organizations because it gives access to qualified, relevant candidates in anticipation of future hiring needs. For example, if a person in an executive position suddenly leaves the company, the top candidates in the pipeline may be approached with an offer. Because of the talent pipeline, the replacement will give the company the best possible candidate. I work in the molded plastic toys industry. My company can access the pipeline if it builds a database of relevant, qualified, and experienced candidates in the toy industry. I have noticed that only persons from my state apply for jobs, so the database has to be limited to candidates from my state. Once the database is ready the candidates should be engaged with using social networking. This will give good access to my company to talent pipeline. In future, one of the greatest challenges will be to keep ...

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