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HR Discussion Regarding Social Responsibility

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I need help with the following research discussions in (not more than one page)

1. Paraphrase the concept of "social responsibility" from a peer reviewed reference. Cite the reference

2. What is the relationship between human resource management and social responsibility?

3. Describe at least one social responsibility issue associated with Human Resource outsourcing? Provide an example.

4. Scholarly References
Thank you

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The concept of social responsibility is the notion of doing the right thing. Typically
social responsibility is viewed from a corporate perspective, though it can be an individual
Characteristic. Yim and Fock (2013) describe the concept in terms of holding a firm accountable
for its actions. However, the authors further describe social responsibility in terms of how it
shapes meaning of the work employees are engaged in. A positive correlation between social
responsibility and pride in volunteer work is established. Pride in the work performed gives
volunteer workers a sense of satisfaction and encourages willingness to participate on a
voluntary basis. It can b assumed then, that a lack of social responsibility within the organization
as a whole will have a negative impact on providing meaning for volunteer work. ...

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The concepts of "social responsibility" from a peer review reference is paraphrased. The relationship between human resource management and social responsibility is determined.

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