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What is Corporate Social Responsibility

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- How might corporate social responsibilities influence management planning for a business organization? Thoughts? Experiences?

- Talk about the planning process, both for business organizations and managers. Share some of your experiences regarding planning and what seems to work well and what might not, and why.

- Any thoughts as to special management skills that might be needed in the management of mining employees over those working in more traditional jobs? Thoughts?

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Management Level: Year 4
Discussion Questions

- How might corporate social responsibilities influence management planning for a business organization? Thoughts? Experiences?

What is corporate social responsibility? According to Modern Management, "It is the managerial obligation to take actions to protect and improve the well being of society as a whole and the interests of the organization." Managers have dual responsibilities to society and to the organization. The more powerful and successful your organization becomes, the social responsibility becomes larger. The bigger corporations have influence and power over critical social issues as minority employment, protecting the environment and ensuring the success of smaller businesses. Managers are ...

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This solution discusses how Corporate Social Responibility influences management skills.

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