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Human Resources Management

Leveraging diversity for strategic human resource goals

After reading the Buttner, Lowe, and Billings-Harris (2010) article on diversity and promise fulfillment by organizations, discuss your thoughts on how organizations, and your organization in particular, can use this information to better understand, manage, and leverage diversity to achieve strategic human resource goals. Your

"Pay Structures and Pay and Merit"

HRM 533 Total Rewards Week 7 Discussion 1 "Pay Structures" 1.) Justify how you would organize pay structure for top executives and how it might differ from a pay structure for human resource professionals or sales professionals within the same company. Debate the equity of offering executives more lucrative pay structures and

Health Care Costs and Employment Levels

Please help with the following case study on Health Care Costs and Employment Levels. I need one to two pages of information outlining your position on the matter—choose a side and describe your response. Please provide 2-3 references with the links please! During the past year, health care costs per employee provided under

Employee Cooperation in Job Analysis

Explain why it is important to gain employee cooperation before beginning a job analysis program. Describe other issues and means that can aid in the job analysis process.

Ethics and Discrimination in Human Resources Disabilities Law

With regard to the case, Chalfant v. Titan Distribution, Inc. 8th Cir, (2007), I have some questions. I am looking for specific detail and possibly examples to other cases. 1) What must Chalfant establish to make his case under ADA? 2) Can he meet these requirements? How? 3) As punitive damages can be appropriate wh

meeting with your new team

Assume that you are the new leader of a team consisting of 12 people. You will be meeting your team members for the first time on Monday morning. You want your team to be an high energy group that is prepared to respond to a wide array of activities and responsibilities in the area of human resources management within an academi

Human Resources Website Evaluation

I'm working on a website evaluation for an HR staffing course. The 4 websites listed below have to be reviewed in terms of the quality and usefulness for the HR professional or manager. The websites are: 1. 2.

Human Resource Strategy

Read the article by Appleby and Mavin (2000) "Innovation no imiation: human-resource strategy and the impact on world-class status". The article discusses several methods and indicators of quality and strategy when linked to strategic human resource management. What key aspects of this article do you think you can apply most to

Environmental Pressures

Use the organization where you currently work or one where you may have worked as a point of reference for evaluating environmental and organizational pressures. 1/ Create a table where at least three (3) organizational pressures and at least three (3) environmental pressures in the organization are illustrated and rank those

Employment Issues: Tardiness/Absenteeism

You are Personal Director/Office Manager for an architectural firm. There are several teams of architects who have Administrative Assistants, one admin assigned to each team. You have also just hired a new Receptionist. The company has a three month probationary period for new hires. On Week Two, she calls in sick two days. O

Change - Human Resource Development (HRD)

End of the chapter questions for one of my human resource development classes that I am having trouble with. Please use 2 paragraphs in total, in own words and detailed complete sentences (6 sentence minimum for each paragraph). 1. Do you agree that people don't resist change, they resist being changed? Why or why not? 2.

Occupational Development of Employees

What is HR's role when it comes to impacting the occupational development of its employees? What should be the role of training? How can training programs be assessed on their effectiveness? If there are any resources that will assist in my paper that would be great.

Kotter's Model: Stories of Change

See the attached file. Read the "Stories of Change" section in Chapter 1 of the textbook that describes how companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kodak, and McDonald's have addressed significant changes within their organizations. 1/ Using Kotter's model, identify the three (3) most significant errors made out of all

Human Resource Manager: A Job Description

Please help me with this assignment: Assume that your company is searching for a candidate to fill in the Human Resource Manager post. This position will have to manage about 60 employees. The new Human Resource Manager will be reporting directly to the Human Resource General Manager. Conduct a detailed job description for

Article critique

Companies spend a lot of time on training and development. Find the article, "Training is the Answer...But what was the Question?" by Rob Rosner, May 1999. After reading the article, write a brief summary and answer the following questions: - What is the author's main point? - Is training always an effective solution? Why, or

Employment Law Human Resources Handbook

1. In an organization, there are many employment policies in the company handbook. This handbook is given to employees at the start of the employer-employee relationship, and although generally not construed as a binding contract against the company in a later lawsuit over the policies, it governs the expectations of employees a

HR Scenario

What is your response to this HR scenario? Hi, To my understanding, I requested Oct31 thru Nov 3. It was brought to my attention because of these days off , I have to work 2 weekends in a row, I'm confused can you please explain even though someone else is covering my area. I'll be working 17 days straight. Can you please

Organizational Strategy - Human Resources Development (HRD)

Please use 2 paragraphs, in your own words and detailed complete sentences (6 sentence minimum for each paragraph). Please cite any references. 1. What is an example of a "wrong" strategy for an organization in response to an environmental threat or opportunity?" Please explain.

Human Resources Questions Confirmation

Please check for correctness. Provide any input so that I can understand. Milkovich, G., & Newman, J. (2013). Compensation (11 ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. 21. An advantage of quantitative job analyses such as the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) over conventional methods (interviews) are: a. they are faster b.

HRM practices among Fortune 1300 companies.

Research various Fortune 500 companies and identity their best HRM practices. Identify and discuss the pros and cons of each functional area and state whether or not this practice will be one of your recommendations.

Risk Propensity

The propensity to assume or avoid risk has an impact on how long it takes managers to make decision and how much information they require before making their choice. Do you believe that this will foster faster decision making by managers? Or, in opposite, do you believe that a low risk-taking personality will act with the sam

Capacity Management

Needing some help with this question. The best known approach to capacity management issue is input/output control.

Affects of pay on Worker Performance

Could you assist me with the important question of pay and the effects of pay on worker job performance. Imagine that you are a new Director of Human Resource Management coming into a medium size organization of 800 salaried and hourly employees. Let's assume that this is a manufacturing company with 80% hourly employees and

Human Resource Management Job Descriptions

Scenario: At our college, there are several varieties of administrative assistants and they do a variety of tasks. There are regular administrative assistants and there are senior executive administrators. Assistants have some others in-between, all with basically the same job description. The reason for the job description o

Establishing a Human Resource plan

Looking for just a few paragraphs to get a discussion rolling: Put yourself in the position of consultant to an owner of several small convenience stores. You've been hired to help set up a process for ensuring the owner has valid selection measures for each position in the store. What recommendations would you make to help t

Self-Performance Appraisal - Human Resources

Please assist in providing a template for each topic in bold: - Business development - Communication skills - Dependability - Flexibility - Initiative/self-motivation - Job knowledge and skills - Problem solving/decision making - Quality of work - Teamwork/interpersonal skills Questions: 1. Accomplishments: Descri