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    Human Resources Management

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    The Changing Social Contract/What Floats Your Boat?

    Please see the PowerPoint Chapter 12, "Managing Human Resources", discusses how the scope of the relationship between employers and employees has changed over the years.The relationship has created a gap in the perception of responsibility that employers assume for their workers. Discuss the changes you have seen and how these c

    The Role of the EEOC in Discrimination Complaints and Suits

    The EEOC is the prime federal regulatory agency responsible for ensuring workplace equity. Describe the role of the EEOC and choosing one element of category of Discrimination by Type such as; Age, Disability, National Origin, etc., explain the role of the EEOC in that category and the responsibilities of employers in that categ

    How would distance learning be a feasible solution?

    Identify a situation at your workplace in which distance learning would be a feasible solution. Predict the problems that it would address, the manner in which distance learning could help solve those problems, and the relevance the training would have on workplace KSAs. Provide specific examples to support your response.

    Health Insurance Benefits and Human Resource Management

    Please help! The ability to adequately control employee benefit costs today is often the difference between organizations that are successful versus those that are not. This is even more complex with the recent Affordable Health Care Act that is in the horizon. Businesses today are not sure, yet, how this legislation will aff

    Human Resources Strategy in Recruitment

    I need help answering questions on human resource strategy: 1. How should a company go about recruiting high-quality and fully qualified potential employees? 2. Describe each of the six selection tools, as well as how and when these tools might be used to select from among several candidates for a job.

    Employee Benefits Strategy

    "Benefits Policy" 1.) Create a benefits policy that encompasses the scope of benefits and a brief administrative section to address how benefits will be administered in your organization. Include a section on the roles necessary to carry out the policy within the organization. "Flexible Benefits Strategy" 1.) If you were t

    Valley National Bank

    I need help in answering 2 question, case study is attached: 1. What are the human resource issues facing the vice president's department and under which of the HR domains (e.g. Organizational Design, Staffing, Performance Management and Appraisal) does each issue belong? Identify some strategies for dealing with these issues.

    Social Security for Employees

    Over a half a century ago, the primary form of retirement security was Social Security, coupled with an employer-provided pension. Today, pensions are offered in only a small fraction of employers, and employees are instead encouraged to save for their retirement in 401-K or similar plans. How has the shift from employer-sponsor

    Employment Questions

    Please provide sample answers to the questions below. What might recruiters be looking for? 1.Describe your experience in writing reports, correspondence and/or procedures, and the audience to which they were written. 2. Explain a situation in which you were to analyze a process and make recommendations. Include in your

    Contractor Code of Conduct

    Hi Can anyone help providing Code of conduct for contractors? As the contractor are coming to my company site. I am planning to provide Code of Conduct document to contractors. I just need to know in one page what important bullet points I can include... I have searched Google I found bunch of documents. But I need m

    Organizational Needs Analysis

    I need help with the following: You are the internal training manager of your organization. As a staff of one, you are the main contact for everyone who needs training or who thinks they need training. Because you are a department of one, you consistently call upon members within the organization when it comes to determin

    Inequities in employee benefits

    HRM 533 Total Rewards Week 8 Discussion 1: "Ethical and Legal Problems" 1.) Describe ethical and legal features associated with equity based recognition plans and recommend how leaders can prevent such potential abuse. Week 8 Discussion 2: "Employee Benefits" 1.) From the e-Activity, select one type of employee benefit and

    Pay Systems within Organization: Internal/External Equity

    Describe your personal experiences (or a friend's experiences) with an organization's pay system. In your opinion, did the system possess internal and external equity (i.e., were employees compensated fairly)? What factors determined the level of pay employees received and how pay increases were determined? What factors should

    Human relations interpersonal job-oriented skills

    1. Many people speak loudly to deaf people, blind people, and to those who speak another native tongue. Based on the information presented in this world, what mistakes are these people making? Give examples how you would communicate and have a greater appreciation for cultural differences with any of these groups. APA Guidelines

    Leveraging diversity for strategic human resource goals

    After reading the Buttner, Lowe, and Billings-Harris (2010) article on diversity and promise fulfillment by organizations, discuss your thoughts on how organizations, and your organization in particular, can use this information to better understand, manage, and leverage diversity to achieve strategic human resource goals. Your

    "Pay Structures and Pay and Merit"

    HRM 533 Total Rewards Week 7 Discussion 1 "Pay Structures" 1.) Justify how you would organize pay structure for top executives and how it might differ from a pay structure for human resource professionals or sales professionals within the same company. Debate the equity of offering executives more lucrative pay structures and

    Health Care Costs and Employment Levels

    Please help with the following case study on Health Care Costs and Employment Levels. I need one to two pages of information outlining your position on the matter—choose a side and describe your response. Please provide 2-3 references with the links please! During the past year, health care costs per employee provided under

    Employee Cooperation in Job Analysis

    Explain why it is important to gain employee cooperation before beginning a job analysis program. Describe other issues and means that can aid in the job analysis process.

    Ethics and Discrimination in Human Resources Disabilities Law

    With regard to the case, Chalfant v. Titan Distribution, Inc. 8th Cir, (2007), I have some questions. I am looking for specific detail and possibly examples to other cases. 1) What must Chalfant establish to make his case under ADA? 2) Can he meet these requirements? How? 3) As punitive damages can be appropriate wh

    meeting with your new team

    Assume that you are the new leader of a team consisting of 12 people. You will be meeting your team members for the first time on Monday morning. You want your team to be an high energy group that is prepared to respond to a wide array of activities and responsibilities in the area of human resources management within an academi

    Human Resources Website Evaluation

    I'm working on a website evaluation for an HR staffing course. The 4 websites listed below have to be reviewed in terms of the quality and usefulness for the HR professional or manager. The websites are: 1. http://www.cipd.co.uk/hr-topics/recruitment.aspx 2. http://investigativenewsnetwork.org/2013/08/recruiting-strategies-

    Human Resource Strategy

    Read the article by Appleby and Mavin (2000) "Innovation no imiation: human-resource strategy and the impact on world-class status". The article discusses several methods and indicators of quality and strategy when linked to strategic human resource management. What key aspects of this article do you think you can apply most to

    Environmental Pressures

    Use the organization where you currently work or one where you may have worked as a point of reference for evaluating environmental and organizational pressures. 1/ Create a table where at least three (3) organizational pressures and at least three (3) environmental pressures in the organization are illustrated and rank those

    Employment Issues: Tardiness/Absenteeism

    You are Personal Director/Office Manager for an architectural firm. There are several teams of architects who have Administrative Assistants, one admin assigned to each team. You have also just hired a new Receptionist. The company has a three month probationary period for new hires. On Week Two, she calls in sick two days. O

    Change - Human Resource Development (HRD)

    End of the chapter questions for one of my human resource development classes that I am having trouble with. Please use 2 paragraphs in total, in own words and detailed complete sentences (6 sentence minimum for each paragraph). 1. Do you agree that people don't resist change, they resist being changed? Why or why not? 2.

    Occupational Development of Employees

    What is HR's role when it comes to impacting the occupational development of its employees? What should be the role of training? How can training programs be assessed on their effectiveness? If there are any resources that will assist in my paper that would be great.

    Kotter's Model: Stories of Change

    See the attached file. Read the "Stories of Change" section in Chapter 1 of the textbook that describes how companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kodak, and McDonald's have addressed significant changes within their organizations. 1/ Using Kotter's model, identify the three (3) most significant errors made out of all