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Roles and Impact of Human Resources and Communications

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What is empowerment?

How do leaders use interpersonal communication or mass communication to empower employees?

Provide an example of empowerment from your own experience. What were the benefits and challenges of being empowered?

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What is empowerment?

Empowerment is the increasing levels of awareness within spiritual, political, social, educational, sexual, financial, and social environments. Empower is a word that has been in use since the 17th century with the meaning of investing authority or to permit or enable an individual, groups, companies countries to have self control or influence over a specific agenda or function or themselves (Free Dictionary-Empowerment, 2013).

The use of interpersonal/mass communications for the purpose of empowerment for employees.

Interpersonal communications directs its focus on face to face or small group interactions for the purpose of communicating ideas, thoughts, and feeling between individuals. Mass communications is how individuals or organizations express the same concepts but on to a larger scale of a targeted audience using things such as text messaging, news papers, Twitter, Face Book, radio and television, advertisement, journalism and ...

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This solution provides explanations of the roles and impact of human resources and communications. The topics covered includes empowerment, types of communications to empower employees, and examples of empowerment.