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Advantages of managing turnover in organizations

In TODAY'S Human Resources Discuss the advantages of managing turnover in organizations.

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A severe problem facing any corporate entity today is the issue of retaining and attracting human resources. These resources that were stable in the past are the most mobile and fickle today. Not only is turnover a problem but so is getting the right people to match the requirements and roles.

Human resources turnover
Movement of individuals into, through, and out of an organization is termed as turnover. Turnover can be statistically defined as the total number (or percentage) of separations that occurs over a given time period. The turnover rate is an important indicator of the morale and health of an organization.

Managing human resources turnover is critical to the organization. Managing turnover is a constant challenge for any organization, and awareness of the issue has heightened in the last decade. Employee turnover is important to organizations, individuals, and society. From the organizational perspective, employee turnover can represent a significant cost in terms of recruiting, training, socialization, and ...

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