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Future Benefits and Work Cultures

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1.) It is the year 2020. Speculate what work-life benefits are most prominent among the top employers in that year and why you selected them.

2.) As your organization grows, the possibility of having child-care and elder-care issues grows. You have been tasked to head up a small committee to assess the possibility of including these benefits into the current compensation package. Identify at least six (6) questions the committee will have to answer in order to develop a strategy to include these benefits.

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This article provides information around what type of benefits a company will offer in the future, as well as which questions a company needs to answer in order to develop elder-care and or child-care programs.

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1. By the year 2020, the newest generation will be in full force which means employers need to really get on the ball to understand what to offer them. Some of the key work-life benefits are virtual assignments, flexible work schedules, paid time off and compressed work schedules. These are benefits that will give employees the ability to multi-task and live around the world. The newer generation is more interested in having the ability to move around, having personal time, spending more at home time with their families, traveling freely and staying connected with their day to day electronic expectations.

"Profit and nonprofit ...

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