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Human Resources Management

CSR Media Campaign

1. CSR Media Campaign Develop an advertising/public service/media campaign for the CSR initiatives for Home depot . Introduction • Provide a synopsis of the company and the CSR initiatives upon which you intend to focus during this media campaign. Objectives • Describe the objective of the ads. What is the mes

Leadership Style Assessment

1. Analyze the leadership style(s) of a senior executive (CEO, CFO, COO, Director, etc.) in your current or previous organization who made a positive or negative impact on you. 2. Analyze the organizational structure and culture of the company for which you work (or would like to work) to determine its approach to team developm

Preparing a Comprehensive Staffing Plan

Preparing a Comprehensive Staffing Plan In this case assignment, imagine that you are working as Director of Human Resources in a privately held, mid-sized engineering and manufacturing organization that is a government contractor. Your organization has just signed a Federal contract requiring the hiring of 20 new Engineers w

HRM problems and Organizational theory, design, and change problems

1) Identify and discuss the report by SHRM (Society of human resource management) on the future of HRM - explain the issues contained in the report in detail *** 1) Identify and discuss the stages of team formation. Include examples 2) Identify and discuss the key steps in a change management initiative 3) Outline the cu

Socially Responsible Behavior(s)

Make a list of at least five (out of nine) of the forms of socially responsible behavior that management demonstrates to show their support for their stakeholders. Explain each one in your essay and why, in your opinion, it is so important to follow.

HR Practices that can Impede Customer Service

The case study: Identify three human resource practices that can impede customer service employees from delivering high quality service. Describe how you would modify each practice to promote high quality service. The solution outlines three practices that can negatively impact service and provides suggestions for resolving

Organizational Development Contingencies

I need assistance with writing about Organizational Development contingencies in global settings and in nonindustrial settings. I would like to use the examples of health care, school systems, and family-owned businesses.

Managing Human Resource Systems

"Barcelona Restaurant Group: Managing Human Resources" (06:14) •From the video, determine how the hiring practices at Barcelona Restaurant Group could be leveraged at businesses that do not have such a tight focus on customer service. Provide specific examples to support your response. •Analyze the process of developing

Department Restructuring: HR Perspective

Case Study: You have been tasked to critique the attached questions and determine if the questions are appropriate in redesigning a Human Resource department. The questions would be sent to both employees of the HR department, and stakeholders outside the department - managers/directors/vice presidents outside the department.

Talent Management Survey: Tools to Manage Employee Talent

The original case study: You, as a HR Generalist, have been asked by your HR Director for your recommendations in terms of what tools your organization could use to better manage the talents of your employees. This will help to develop policies and procedures in managing your human capital. Please develop a tool for your Dire

Discussing Training and Development Techniques

Performance Improvement Analysis: Effective managerial coaching is integral to ongoing employee development. Whereas training is typically focused on acquiring and/or strengthening specific skills within a short time-frame either on-the-job or in a classroom setting, development is embedded in the relationship between the manag

Recruitment, Selection, and Onboarding

Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding Choose one of the jobs listed on the "Best Jobs (for Business) " USNews.com http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/best-business-jobs. List the job qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities, character traits needed for the position. Discuss how you would assess whether

Compensation, Rewards, and Employee Management

i need help on how to address the following questions. 1. Given the different levels of pay and total rewards, how may an organization create a sense of internal equity? 2. Does the extensive use of contingent workers effect the organization external competitiveness as it relates to attracting top level talent as well as

Protecting Employee Constitutional Rights

Discuss the freedoms that public sector employees have in areas such as speech, association, privacy, and due process. Discuss each of these and their importance to public sector workers. Focus on the analysis of these freedoms or constitutional rights that public sectors workers have and the implications for public agencies. In

Questionnaires and Surveys

Can you help with this one? I can attached the other papers if needed, thanks. Questionnaires and surveys are well established techniques for assessing project risk. GU has been a learning process to this point. Please include the benefits of these techniques to manage risk throughout this project. Attach an example of each (

Designing a Case Study

Hello, I need help building a 2100-2800 word case study that explores the organizational behavior aspects of the North Carolina Department of Corrections and follows the organization style of a dissertation.

Project management: Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project

Tony Prince is the project manager for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. Team members include you, a programmer/analyst and aspiring project manager; Patrick, a network specialist; Nancy, a business analyst; and Bonnie, another programmer/analyst. Other people are supporting the project from other departments, includ

Analysis of Leaders in Innovative Companies

Using the case "The DNA of the World's Most Innovative Companies: How Does Your Company Stack Up?" by Jeffrey H. Dyer; Hal B. Gregersen; Clayton M. Christensen, address the following sections: - A section that analyzes factors in the global environment that influenced Nayar's need to create a more innovative organization.

Organizational Managment

Suppose High Brow Cat Kennels which has sold over 50 franchises, has decided to purge its top and middle managers. Some managers charged with deciding who to terminate might decide to keep the subordinates they like, and who are obedient to them, rather than the ones who are difficult, unskilled, or the best performers. They mig

Discussing HR Responsibilities

Question: Discuss the HR responsibilities of supervisors. Use at least 75 words in your response and cite any sources used.

Inter-Operability of Products

Please help elaborating on the following problem statement for Apple: Apple needs to make Mac computers mainstream by making them more inter-operable with the other operating systems, so that customers are able to use Mac computers without any issues about its inter-operability with other software systems. Can you also pro

Privatization of Jobs in the Public Sector

Could you assist me with the following listed below: Privatization of jobs in the public sector has increased as budget problems as a staffing alternative. Imagine you are a HR manager facing serious manpower issues. Labor costs are rising. Less revenue is available. Could you assist mew with making a case for outsourcing

Employee Safety and Workplace Violence

Could you assist me with the following issue? Workplace violence has become a concern to many governmental agencies. Job stress can create conditions in which the employee may act in a violent manner against a supervisor or other employees. Lack of job security and the growing trend toward outsourcing public sector jobs may c

Human Resource Development: The pros and cons of various technologies

I need assistance with writing around 1000 words (2 pages APA style) on the following: 1. What are the pros and cons of various technolgies and software that Human Resource Development has to deal with? 2. What are the primary technology and softwares Human Resources Development chooses for ongoing education. I need the