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Employment Law and Liability

Your business started in your home in a room on the back side of the house, which could be accessed using a separate door. During a bad storm, a tree limb fell on an electrical line, unbeknownst to you, creating a dangerous condition near the entrance to your office.

Answer the following questions. •Discuss your duties to protect against harm from this scenario to the following three persons: (1) Danny, the neighborhood newspaper deliverer who cuts through your yard on his route; (2) Eddie, your friend who plans to come over for lunch, and (3) Heath, one of your clients who has a business appointment scheduled at your office today.

•Explain the type of insurance best suited for your business and whether the insurance will be liable to any of the parties in (1) - (3).

•Assume one of the parties above is injured, sues your company and obtains a judgment for $100,000. If your company files for bankruptcy, after the judgment is rendered, will the amount of the judgment be discharged?

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Any injury caused due to dangerous condition of property with plaintiff establishing that the property was in dangerous condition and known to owner the owner could be sued. To protect Danny, Eddie, and Heath the owner has to give constructive notice of the dangerous condition sufficient time in advance. It is my ...

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