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HRM problems and Organizational theory, design, and change problems

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1) Identify and discuss the report by SHRM (Society of human resource management) on the future of HRM - explain the issues contained in the report in detail


1) Identify and discuss the stages of team formation. Include examples
2) Identify and discuss the key steps in a change management initiative
3) Outline the cultural dimensions that have been identified by Hofstede and relate these to Vietnam
4) what is " succession planning" and how does is work in an organization ?
5) outline steps that you recommend in the recruitment process.
Ivancevich, J. M. (2010). Human resource management (11th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

1) Identify and discuss factors that define the functions of manager. Provide examples and link to research methodology.


1) How would you develop a plan for research project ? Use examples and link to research methodology
2) Outline how you would generate and use facts in your research study. Use examples and link to research methodology
3) What is a '' code of ethics'' How do we develop a code of ethics for an organization? What is the role of Transparency international global ethics?
4) Outline and discuss case "Gunfire at Sea". Why is the case important to research?
5) Discuss CSR in context of organizations.
6) What is innovation? Why is it important?
Jones, G. (2010). Organizational theory, design, and change (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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The expert identifies and discusses the stages of team formation. The key steps in a change management initiative is given.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of a Brain Mass Expert is to provide guidance, additional resources, notes, ideas, and concepts to assist you as you prepare your own assignment and/or essay. This document is in no way an assignment completion or an essay, instead this is detailed explanation for informational purposes only.

Organizational Research and Theory

Part I:

1) Identify and discuss factors that define the functions of manager. Provide examples and link to research methodology.

There are primarily five functions of management include the following:

Planning-this is the phase in which a manager discovers what needs to be accomplished to ensure an organization meets the desired objective. Managers must be a forward thinker, a person who prepares a strategic action plan before incidences occurs; and a person who continues to search for innovative ways to be competitive. For example, I prepared a problem solution regarding two retail chains, Wal-Mart vs. Target to determine which retailer is more cost-effective for consumers. I've gathered from the research that Target is the least expensive by a narrow margin. However, my assessment in terms of the planning stage is that the Target's low cost strategy is comparatively less than Wal-Mart for the reason that management developed a seasonal tactic that revolves around lowering prices during the holiday season. In addition to implementing strategic advantages, planning can also be used to foresee potential problems or threats to the organization.

Organizing-this is the phase that requires "getting all your ducks in a row" before implementing strategies. This is the method of gathering resources before making a pertinent decision or organizational processes. As you prepare your essay, you could equate organizing with the tools you will need move forward for instance. Organizing involves gathering enough information from various resources in order to produce your own project. In the legal profession, Attorneys use support staff to gather enough documentation to enable the Attorneys to present a persuasive argument based on previous cases and statutes that pertains to an attorney's current cases. In other organizations management may benchmark other organizations to reveal both successful and unsuccessful business practices of competitors.
Staffing-as organizations expand and diversify management may feel as though new staff members are necessary to fulfill corporate objectives. Oftentimes management and the human resources department work together to find the "right candidate" for the organization. For example, when I worked for the Bellagio, the human resources department would initiate the pre-screening application process (i.e. background check, drug test, etc.) and conduct a preliminary interview. After a candidate successfully passes the first phase of pre-screening, the candidate may be called back for a second interview. The second interview is always with management, in some cases the interview may consist of one to three managers depending on the organization and the department. Management ultimately makes the final decision unless the CEO or upper management is involved. For instance, when I worked for a large medical facility, I was interviewed three times, once by telephone with the general office manager, in person with the departmental manager, and the third with the corporate administrator.

Directing-is the method in which management leads a team or individual subordinates through motivation and effective communication. Employees respond well to leaders who are positive and charismatic, this is determined by individual employee performance and team participation.

Controlling-this is the phase in which management carefully monitors tasks and ensures that employees are adhering to regulatory standards and organizational policies and procedures.

Part II

1) How would you develop a plan for research project ? Use examples and link to research methodology

This is a question that only you can answer as you prepare your essay. Your plan for research will depend upon what type of research you are required to provide. According to Webster.edu http://www2.webster.edu/~woolflm/statmethods.html there are roughly four types of research studies which include:
Observational Research-this type of research would require qualitative data from prior case studies to observe effects from the past, present, and to make assumptions of future effects of a case study. "For example, a psychological case study would entail extensive notes based on observations and interviews with the client. A detailed report with analysis would be written and reported constituting the study of this individual case" (Webster, n.d.).
Correlational Research-this method involves the correlated assessment of two or more variables. For example researchers may ...

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