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    Case Study: A Blogger in the Midst /Glove Girl

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    Read the case study "A Blogger in Their Midst." What is your general reaction to the case? What actions should leadership take? What actions should glove girl take? What lessons can be learned from the case? How can the concepts of the case be applied to current organizations? Is this a risk organizations face? Answer should be no longer than 6 paragraphs.

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    It is amazing how unaware Will Somerset is in regards to the marketplace, his company, and the world. Mr. Somerset is clearly not in touch with what is happening to be unaware of Glove Girl's existence, especially in light of her impact on sales. It is also clear the Lancaster - Webb has serious organizational issues, if no one in the company has mentioned Glove Girl's existence until the point of Mr. Somerset's press conference. Mr. Somerset should use this opportunity to evaluate not only how to react to this particular issue but also how to run the company more effectively.

    Mr. Somerset should immediately meet with Glove Girl. She is a valuable resource and has shown her product knowledge and ability to build sales. He should offer her a position as a "corporate communicator," enabling her access to more complete ...

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