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    Effectiveness Of Social Networking

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    Locate a credible blog written by or on behalf of a prominent business leader or genuine organisation and analyse its effectiveness. Respond to the following questions to help guide your analysis:

    -Explain the blog
    -Who is responsible for the blog's content, what is the nature of the content,and how frequently is the blog updated
    -On average, how many customer or online user responses does each blog posting generate?-
    -What is the nature of the audience feedback, does the blogger respond to feedback received on a posting and If so, how frequently
    -How would you characterize the interaction between the blogger and the online users, Is it a true dialogue?
    -What are the blogger's goals, does it appear that the blog is successful in accomplishing those goals?
    -What would you do differently if you were responsible for the blog postings, in terms of theme and content?

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    Blog Explanation
    The title of this blog is "The Body Shop Activist". This blog is mainly focused over the rights of human and other living objects such as animals. The whole blog is not only talk about the human rights but it also relates people to their moral values and responsibilities. It makes the blog content valuable for the readers. At the same time, it also includes interview of Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision Australia to understand about poverty. He provided significant knowledge about difference between justice and charity in this blog. The blog is also explained about how an organization became more ethically by making significant contribution in reduction of poverty. The blog also explains what requires one to become an optimistic activist. It is also explained the role of corporate in protection of human rights such as equality, fresh environment etc. Eventually, it delivers a message to become responsible people.

    Author, Nature & Update of Blog
    Former Values Manager at The Body Shop, Adam Valvasori, is responsible to create the content of this blog post. The Body Shop is provided an overview about human rights and people including individual and organization's moral responsibility towards it. The nature of this content is quite attractive as it includes video, text and pictures to explain poverty and human rights and how it influences the life of people. Interview is also included in the blog content. At the same time, the content is quite systematic as it included questions and their answers on one by one basis. The blog is updated on monthly basis. It is demonstrated that it is being updated from 2008 to ...

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    The effectiveness of social networking is determined. The expert explains who is responsible for the blog's content.