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    Analysis: How to recruit, hire and train employees

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    The case study:

    When designing the process to recruit, hire, train and retain employees, the human resources department is essential to ensuring organizational compliance with laws and regulations. You have been asked to assist a client in developing a new process that complies with all laws and regulations.

    Research approaches to ensuring a hiring process that complies with legal requirements for an equitable workplace and design elements that includes your recommendations for:

    1. An internal process to design jobs that properly describe the duties and responsibilities of the position and comply with ADA
    2. A recruitment process that ensures equal opportunity access for all potential employees
    3. A selection process that includes all legally acceptable interviews and relevant testing only
    4. A new employee orientation and training process that fosters a diverse workplace

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    1. The internal process to job design will clearly define, with supportive examples, the bona fide occupational qualifiers (BFOQs) required to perform essential job functions. BFOQs are legitimate restrictions in knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) that may, on the surface, appear to be a form of discrimination (reference weblink below). For example, an attendant to a women's dressing room would likely have the requirement of employees being female, as customers are disrobing and may ask for assistance in clothes fitting. This is a sensible BFOQ that does indeed discriminate against males, but is a BFOQ for the job. To ensure compliance with the American with ...

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    This solution is over 400 words and includes a reference. The four-part case study analysis pertains to how to conduct a recruitment process that complies with all legal requirements. The topics of discussion include: designing job descriptions in conformance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), recruitment process that provides equal employment opportunity to all candidates, selection process with relevant questions/testing and a new employee orientation that fosters diversity.