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    Human Resource Systems: Relational Perspective Article

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    You have been introduced to a number of ways that human resource systems help organizations. Please read the following article:
    Mossholder, K.W., Richardson, H.A., and Settoon, R.P. (2011). Human Resource Systems and Helping in Organizations: A Relational perspective. Academy of Management Review, 36(1), 33-52. The article can be retrieved from:

    After reading the article and the background readings, respond to the following questions:
    - Summarize the article. What did you learn from the article?
    - Critique the article. What are the strengths and weaknesses?
    - How can you use/apply the information in the article to help you as a Human Resource Manager?

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    Summary: Helping behavior amongst employees should be a work atmosphere "norm" that organizations strive for. This behavior may come in several forms, such as interpersonal where employees address problems with little or not managerial direction, or even providing support to each other in trying personal times - such as divorce or a family death. Emotional support from others can help an individual through outside tragedies that are impacting their work abilities. Another form of helping behavior may be as simple as one employee explaining a policy or procedure to another. Helping behavior is identified as positive within the workforce and should be fostered by the organization (Mossholder, Richardson & Setton, 2011). This would be a sound human resource (HR) strategy to initiate. It is human nature to want some form of acceptance, even support, from others. It appears logical that if employees feel they can obtain assistance, whenever needed, they will perform at a higher level. The Human Resource Systems and Helping in Organizations article (Setton, 2011) debates if helping behavior can not only be supported by managers, but controlled. There is an analysis of three systems: compliance (rules and procedures influence actions), commitment (employees will take favorable actions on their own when it benefits the whole) and collaborative (hybrid of the previous two systems where rules exist for structure, but employees are engaged in decision-making). In my opinion, a collaborative HR system seems to ...

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    This solution is about 900 words and includes two references. It provides for a summary and analytical critique of the article "Human Resource Systems and Helping in Organizations: A Relational Perspective (authored by Mossholder, K.W., Richardson, H.A. & Settoon, R.P., 2011).