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Management Information System and Business Strategy

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How can taking a socio-technical perspective be more productive in helping organizations manage information overload than either technical solutions or organizational solutions alone?

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How can taking a socio-technical perspective be more productive in helping organizations manage information overload than either technical solutions or organizational solutions alone?

Organizations, composed of various departments and units, are amassed with a lot of data in all forms. However, these are oftentimes, just stored in the files of the units and personnel concerned. They just lie there without having been given meanings, interpretations to provide explanations to organizational issues and problems.
The human resource department has endless records of attendance, application for leaves, performance ratings, promotions, reprimands, employee accidents, among others. These data may have been compiled, tabulated, graphically represented through the most modern and colourful computer programs but that's the end of it. When there was a time that somebody has to take over a vacated position, the human resource department made an announcement in the papers, recruited, conducted tests, hired, and filled the vacant position without even going back to the records stored and making judgments out of them.
The marketing department has also several records of salesmen's sales, quota, customer complaints, product returns, among others. Such data were also manipulated through computer programs and by technical people, printouts are posted in the bulletin boards, and some even resigned because the data posted adversely affected their dignity as persons.
The finance department is equipped with people who have been busy recording transactions and ensuring that the entries balance when the balance sheets are prepared while sales, expenditures, profits should be accurately presented for its users - creditors, investors, suppliers of raw materials, among others. There was not much difficulty in their part because they were aided by technology.
The production department has been busy producing the so- called right amount of product, at the right time, for the right person, using the most economic way possible. The department has also ...

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Management information systems and business strategies are examined.

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