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ethical issues involved in changing the hierarchy

Suppose High Brow Cat Kennels which has sold over 50 franchises, has decided to purge its top and middle managers. Some managers charged with deciding who to terminate might decide to keep the subordinates they like, and who are obedient to them, rather than the ones who are difficult, unskilled, or the best performers. They might decide to lay off the most highly paid subordinates even if they are high performers. As the head of the task force who has investigated this situation, write a memo to Dr. Singh, CEO, of the ethical issues involved in changing the hierarchy and its possible effects on stakeholders. Give a solution to this problem.

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The main ethical issue involved in this scenario is influence of personal bias in deciding on the layoff which can result in loss for the company in terms of termination of best performers in the organization. This scenario will be unethical for the employees of the organization and would have a negative impact on the morale and motivation levels of ...

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Discusses the ethical issues involved in changing the hierarchy.