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    Moral Values - Military

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    Hartle (2004) stated in Moral Issues, "The three primary factors that have shaped the American professional military ethics are the functional requirements of military service, the international laws of war, and the core values of American society" (Page 9). How has this impacted ethics in the military?

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    It is prudent that one recognizes that the military and wars emanating from the use of this tool in American policy is directed solely by American interests whether that be economic or for any other reason. Therefore, the notion of ethics can be superseded or overridden when American interests are involved and many of the recipients of the force of the American military would question if any ethical behavior was displayed such as in the widely considered illegal Iraq war or other excursions that have resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians, such as Vietnam.

    Now that I have discussed the faux sense of ethics in the military, I will focus on the core ...

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    Hartle discusses moral issues in the military.