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Applying Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development to Emperor Nero

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I need some help in identifying stage six (Universal Principles) of Kohlberg's moral development using Emperor Nero as an example.

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The universal principles stage or sixth stage of Kohlberg's moral development, is a stage that involves an individual utilizing the universal and immutable principle of justice as their measuring rod for taking actions. This stage also involves individuals doing what is right and just, even if it could cause some form of detrimental circumstances for these individuals. Due to this factor, stage six involves a level of moral development, in which an individual values and acts upon utilizing wisdom, justice, kindness to others, courage, and discipline.

Utilizing Nero as an example would be an interesting application of this stage, due to the fact that Nero did not seem to entail this stage of development, nor to practice the universal principles or laws that are associated with this stage of moral development in their entirety. This is due to ...

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