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Kohlberg and Gilligan moral development theory

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Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan both formulated theories of moral development in the 20th century that have become highly influential and the source of research and application in ethics, education and psychology. I can see the important aspects of each theory.

1) Without being gender bias. Which theory do you favor? Explain why

2) Which theory out the two (Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan) do you feel is the best for middle childhood moral development, adolescence as well as adulthood moral development? Why

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Moral Development theory:

Question 1- I gather this is a question to help you consider your own position. So I will share with you my position

As to your concern of gender bias, that is the grounds for Gilligan's work. She believes that Kohlberg's theory contains gender bias. " Gilligan suggests that these findings reveal a gender bias, not that females are less mature than boys. Men and women follow different voices. Men tend to organize social relationships in a hierarchical order and subscribe to a morality of rights. ...

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