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Drug Testing, Grooming and Appearance

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I need some help with these questions:
1.) Would you advise an employer that operates retail clothing stores to drug test? If so, under what circumstances? Using what procedures? What should be done regarding applicants or employees who test positive?

2.) Are workplace appearance and grooming policies necessary? If so, what policy would you recommend with regard to office workers who have some contact with clients/customers? To what extent should the policy differentiate between male and female employees?

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1. I would advise an employer to a drug test in only certain conditions that would apply to him or her. They would consist of if drugs or alcohol are smelled on him or her on a regular basis, and if the addiction prevents the person from doing their work effectively. The procedures would appear random because the employer would not see them coming. One day out of the month it would occur or every three months when he or she least expects it. A medical technician or registered nurse would come in a administer the test. A variety of names would get chosen for that day who are on duty. They would all have to fill out a form submitting to the drug test, and if they refuse, then they are terminated. This would also occur with those who test positive. I say this ...

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