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    Hiring practices of employers

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    I need help in writing an essay based on the 'What's in the closet' article attached. My question is:
    Aesthetics labor hiring (hiring for appearance) occurs in many industries. Should employers be able to hire people based on personal characteristics rather than skill and experience? Emphasis is on linking the concepts discussed to experience/examples

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    Employers can hire people based on personal characteristics rather than skill and experience, provided they can establish that the personal characteristics are based on bona fide employment qualification. Employers cannot hire employees on the basis of sex, race, age, disability and other protected characteristics. However, employers can implement grooming codes for employees. In fact Title VII allows an exception to discrimination on the basis of sex, race, etc if the employer can establish that sex, race, etc is a bona fide occupational qualification.

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    If an employer could establish that appearance or a personal characteristic was a bona fide employment qualification. The court has held that if the appearance standards are non-discriminatory, Title VII ...

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