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Grooming and Personal Appearance

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HRM 510 Business Employment Law
Discussion Question: "Grooming and Appearance"
1.) (a.) Ladies how do you define "grooming"?
(b.) What make this special to one company over another?
(c.) How do you explain this as part of your recruitment process?

Please note this is not an assignment, just a discussion question.

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The Road to CEO: The World's Leading Executive Recruiters Identify the Traits You Need to Make It to the Top. By Aharon Voros. Adam Media.2002

"You don't have to be on the cutting edge of fashion but you do have to be current, professional, and polished. If you want to move to the next level of management, dress like you belong there."
Bernadette Pawlik, partner, Pawlik-Dorman Partners. Grooming is basically taking care of one's appearance and personal hygiene. It's about being neat, keeping your clothing clean, etc. Things that can enhance one's appearance include physical fitness, appropriate weight, clean hair, etc. These make you feel good and they make you appeal to recruiters. On the other hand, things that will diminish one's appearance include bad posture, cheap and dull clothes, disheveled hair, too much cologne, outdated and run-down shoes, etc.
Other details noticed by finicky recruiters include bushy eyebrows that grow in one unbroken line across the forehead, hair on the ...

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The essence of grooming and appearance in personal and professional life.

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