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Criminal Justice System

the courts a component of the criminal justice system - describe a problem/challenge and any recommendations for the future. The analysis should include a description of the problem, factors things that contributed to the problem, and any recommendation(s) for a solution, and how you would implement the solution.

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I based my suggested response on work experience with criminal and drug courts. I hope you find the suggestions helpful. Good luck!!

One of the biggest problems with the criminal justice system is the growing number of criminal cases on the dockets. These cases range from misdemeanors to felonies set for pre-trial conferences, bench or jury trials. The increasingly high number of criminal cases can easily clog the courts' dockets and lead to underpaid, overworked judges, attorneys and other court personnel. Clogging the courts' dockets with criminal cases can be costly to every state - paying for the incarcerated defendants and paying for court-appointed lawyers. Long dockets can also mean that defendants' best interests and constitutional rights are often overlooked. Court dockets are too crowded and funds too scarce to grant each defendant the full share of justice.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of drug-related offenses. Low-income and poverty ridden individuals are turning to drugs to deal with the struggles they face in everyday ...

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Problems that face the criminal justice system.