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Business Research Design for Anti-Cancer Drugs

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A pharmaceutical manufacturer is testing a drug developed to treat cancer. During the final stages of development the drug's effectiveness is being tested on individuals for different (1) dosage conditions and (2) age groups. One of the problems is patient mortality during experimentation. Justify your design recommendations through a comparison of alternatives and in terms of external and internal validity.
a. recommend the appropriate design for the experiment
b. explain the use of control groups, blinds, and double blinds if you recommend them.

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This solution concerns a pharmaceutical company testing a drug that will treat cancer. The suggested statistical tool is the pre-test, post-test experimental design. The respondents will undergo a blind experiment wherein they are not aware which group they belong --the control or treatment group.

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In this experiment, you can apply pre-test, post-test experimental design.

Be sure to collect the health condition of the subjects before the experiment is started. Select subjects with similar cancer problems. At the start, let the subjects sign consent forms. This form notifies the participants the details of the experiment, duration, how to behave and what to expect. The consent form also absolves the researchers of any legal responsibilities during and after the conduct of the experiment. Due to the fragile condition of the research subjects, make sure that the duration of the experiment would not last more than six months. As much as possible, conduct the experiment in a controlled environment such as hospitals or clinics. Out-patient subjects are ...

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