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    Examine the Cell Cycle

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    The amount of money spent on scientific research is related to the effect or impact that research has on society. For example, the amount of money spent on cancer is far more than the amount spent on acne. Some of the money spent on cancer is far more than the drugs that stop cancer cells from growing. Take for instance the cell cycle. If I were to create a cancer drug, at what stage of the cell cycle would the drug be most beneficial? Why? How is spending millions of dollars on cancer research to create drugs that target the cell cycle beneficial to society?

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    What stage of the cell cycle would be most beneficial as a target for a cancer drug? Cancers must spread in order to be of danger. Cell division is critical for the growth and spread of cancer tissue. Therefore, it would be beneficial to target the cell division process. If we look at a typical cell cycle, we have G1, S, G2, and then mitosis. This cycle repeats as long as the cells in question are able to divide. Within mitosis, we have many stages which we could target. In fact, if we disrupted any stage of mitosis, we could potentially disrupt the spread of cancer. In this light, we could target prophase/pro-metaphase and the development of the ...