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    Union Membership Compared to U.S. Population

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    According to one source, "In 2013 there were 14.5 million members in the U.S., compared with 17.7 million in 1983. In 2013, the percentage of workers belonging to a union in the United States (called total labor union "density") was 11.3%, compared to 20.1% in 1983." What should we make, if anything, of this trend?

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    According to these statistics, we are experiencing a drop in the U.S. population with a decrease in union membership. This would be reasonable, as we would expect that fewer U.S. workers would be associated with fewer employees involved in union membership. It would not be possible to realistically pinpoint a direct cause of the decrease other than a population ...

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    This solution discusses the trend of union membership decreasing at a degree greater than the decrease in the U.S. population.