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Decline in Union Membership in Last 50 Years

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What evidence would you need to reach a solid conclusion about why union membership has declined in the private sector over the past 50 years?

With everything you've learned about labor relations so far, would you describe yourself as more pro-union or more anti-union? Why?

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According to Fischer (2010), union membership is estimated to be "about one- eighth of the employed....down from about one-third in 1955." One could look at the number of blue collar jobs that are available in the U.S. now, and fifty years ago to have solid evidence as to the amount of union jobs potentially available in both time periods. I would estimate that there are less blue collar workers now then fifty years ...

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This solution explains why union membership has declined over the past fifty years. Includes APA reference. Also gives reasons for not joining a union. 269 words.

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