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The U.S. Economy and Union Membership

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Throughout history the state of the economy has played a significant role in union membership in the early twentieth century, the percent of membership was at a high due to the boom of the manufacturing and transportation industry. As the economy began to shift in the 50's from manufacturing to service industries union membership began to decline steadily.

1. Considering the state of the U.S. economy today with regard to the recent recession, how do you think the current economy will effect union membership, and why?
2. How do you think this recent economy will effect (if at all) white collar employee's attitudes towards unionization?

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The solution discusses how the current the U.S. economy with effect union membership.

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1. I think that the state of the current economy will affect union membership in a manner that may actually cause the membership within unions to increase, largely due to the fact that the fragile nature of the U.S. economy makes the stability of employment fragile as well, especially in the ...

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