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    Conducting a Seminar

    The director of continuing education at Bluebird University just approved the planning for a sales training seminar. Her admin identified the various activities that must be done and their relationship to each other. Activity Activity time Immediate predecessors A Design Brochure B Identify Teachers C Create Outline

    Observation of People with Disabilities: Invisible Disabilities

    Observe your immediate environment such as your community, workplace, school, etc. Are you able to observe many people with disabilities? Is the proportion of people you observed close to the 20% of the population who have a disability? What does this exercise indicate about invisible disabilities?

    Appropriate Forecasting Technique for Aldi Foods

    What would be the most appropriate forecasting technique or combination of forecasting technique(s) for Aldi Foods to use to meet customer requirements in its German market? Forecasting techniques include qualitatitve, time series, causal.

    Proposal writing example problem

    Define a problem within your current work situation that requires action and the research to resolve. If you do not have a current position select something from an old employer or something you see in your community. You will Provide: (1) A Brief description of the type of decision needed to be made (2) Why you think

    Court Case Application

    Need help applying an application of the case to my organization, which is federal government or to an organization which I am familiar. and Summarize the similarities and differences found in each team member's application to the organizations. Make sure you include the implications for businesses not complying with the c

    Operations and Productivity questions from Chapter 1.

    These are some of the problems assigned from Chapter 1: Operations and Productivity. Here is the link to access chapter 1 in order to answer below problems. http://www.coursesmart.com/9780135106822/part01#X2ludGVybmFsX1BGUmVhZGVyP3htbGlkPTk3ODAxMzUxMDY4MjIvMjE= 1.1 John Lucy makes wooden boxes in which to ship motorcyc

    Religion in a multicultural workplace

    How can religion affect a multicultural workplace? How might management ensure sensitivity to each person's religious beliefs in a multicultural workplace?

    Jealousy in the business environment

    How can we take the jealousy that others display and improve the overall situation within the environment? What can be some of the ramifications when staff are demonstration jealous tendencies? What can we as managers/leaders due to decrease the potential for jealous outbreaks within the department/organization?

    Change Management: Two Projects Cases

    See attached files. The attached two files contain discussions of a change management project that went well and one that did not go well from two different learners. It also listed the factors that lead to the success or failure of the project. Please provide comments for both of these discussions pertain to the following

    HR Perspective: Learning Organization and Business Relevance

    From an HR perspective, (a) Do you consider your organization to be a 'learning organization'? Why or why not? (b) Why might an organization want to be (or not be) a 'learning organization'? What might be the business relevance? Please list references.

    Job satisfaction and productivity

    What do you think makes people want to feel satisfied on the job and therefore more productive? Please support your rationale with two outside references. (In fact, if someone has "job satisfaction," will that person automatically be more productive?)

    What is the Transformation Process?

    A. What is the transformation process? B. Can the transformation process be applied to both goods and services? C. How might data be used during the process? Use examples in your response to help clarify your definition.

    Inevitability that Employees Will Respond the Change of Fear

    Is it inevitable that employees will respond the change of fear? If you believe the answer is yes, state the implications of this for managing strategic change. If you believe the answer is no, describe what managers can do to minimize such feelings during change.

    Calculating optimal output, price and consumer expenditure

    Suppose a perfectly competitive industry cab produce roman candles at a constant marginal cost of $10 per unit. Once the industry is monopolized, marginal costs rise to $12 per candle because $2 per candle must be paid to lobbyists to ensure that only this firm receives a roman candle license. Suppose the market demand for roma

    Strategic Management

    B.B. Lean is a catalog retailer of a wide variety of sporting goods and recreational products. Although the market response to the company's spring catalog was generally good, sales of B.B. Lean's $140 deluxe garment declines from 10,000 to 4,800 units. During this period, a competitor offered a whopping $52 off their regular

    Strategic Management

    A manufacturing plant has a potential production capacity of 1000 units per month (capacity can be increased by 10% if the subcontractors are employed). The plant is normally operated at about 80% of capacity. Operating the plant above this level significantly increases variable costs per unit because of the need to pay the sk

    Change Management Projects: Success and Failure

    1. Describe a change management project that went well and one that did not go well. 2. What factors do you think lead to the success or failure of the project ? 3. What role did sequencing play in the success or failure ? Please be sure to focus your discussion on the first two steps in Kotter's sequence: esta

    General question regarding team interviews

    I'm seeing more and more "team" interviews in organizations. For example, an organization I recently worked with has a three-round interview process. For instance: (1) Three to four people will review the applications and make recommendations on who to interview. (2) Then, an interview committee of 3-5 people (which

    Putting Together a Force Field Analysis

    Put together a force field analysis to present to your consulting partners that evaluates the idea of holding a large scale "community building" meeting. Evaluate the forces that will help it be successful and the forces that would hinder such a meeting from being an effective method for change. Input at least 5-10 helping and 5

    Diagnosing the Situation

    See the attached file. Taking with a consulting company to check if the concept of using staff meetings might be a good way to involve the organization in creating the questionnaire. Brainstorm any issues about the facilitation of these meetings. If all agree that this method is the approach to use, who should facilitate t

    Evaluating Visa Company

    1. What is VISA's biggest problem? 2. What would you recommend to VISA and in what order of priority? 3. How do you balance between your commitment to shareholders and your commitment to the community?

    Assistance with Input/Output Report Example

    See the attached file. Part B Part B: The Input/Output Report Lab Points Description Report Construction 10 Using data provided to you, complete a table for the Report Construction. Data Assessment 10 Using the data and table for the Report Construction, answer questions for the data assessment. Total 20 A quality table