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Business Management

The Negotiating Process: Purchase of a Home

Prepare a response in which you describe a negotiation situation that you have participated in (e.g., sale/purchase of a house, car, salary, etc.). In your answer, be sure to analyze the roles of communication and personality in negotiation and how they contributed to or detracted from the negotiation.

GMAT test style data sufficiency question

Please help solve the following data sufficiency GMAT practice exam question and explain how you came to your conclusion (answer). Over a seven week period, a company monitored the output of two of its sectors, C and D. Each week, the company calculated how many units were produced in each sector. The sector that produced the

Website Evaluation: Audience, Navigation, and Marketing

Describe the similarities and differences in the look and feel for the selected website (Universal Music Group - ) and how the similarities relate to target audience. Also, consider the ease and style of navigation of each website as part of the look and feel. Consider that just describing basic navigation and gra

Public Administration

The planning and discipline of contingency or "rainy day funds" management. All government entities need to establish a policy for and build their own rainy day funds. These funds go by many names, but the point is that governments must have reserve funds at all times, and which must be guarded carefully and not quickly disburse

Issues and Traditions in Western Religions

A. Identify and briefly summarize what you believe to be the top two current issues facing each of the following religions: 1) Judaism 2) Christianity 3) Islam b. Identify at least two sacred traditions, such as holidays, sacred locations, manner of dress, and so forth, for each of the previously stated religions. Then sum

Essay: Complete the simulation Creating and Managing Effective Teams

Complete the simulation Creating and Managing Effective Teams Write an essay on managing effective teams. Run the Creating and Managing Effective Teams simulation at least once to ensure that you are familiar with the various decision points in the simulation, and the effect that your choices have had on the outcome.

Business Research: Go Green Campaign for Nike, Inc. including survey paper

I have to determine a business problem I wish to investigate. I would like to investigate how Nike could figure out how to make some of the footwear in America as part of a 'GO GREEN' campaign. Is this something that could work for the company? Examples would be - can they make the shoe that is entirely made out of recycled g

MCQ: Cost Management Accounting -- Product and Service Costing, Allocating Costs

33. Which is TRUE about services? a. Services can never be homogeneous and repetitively produced. b. Some services may require that a sequence of uniform processes be performed. c. Services cannot have work-in-process inventories. d. All services require job-order costing. 34. Bill Berry, CPA, prepares tax returns. The

HR: discuss reducing benefit costs (health insurance) from the management side

As VP of HR, you are also responsible for benefits management. The cost of health care is spiraling upward at the same time there is pressure on the cost of raw materials for production. Management's objective is to contain employee health care benefit costs at a minimum and reduce those costs if at all possible. A union's objec

NL&C: Discuss the 401k retirement plan during new employee orientation

Many companies today offer 401k retirement plans for their employees. A 401k plan can be a great benefit to employees, and is a nice recruiting and retention tool for the company. At NL&C, this benefit should be discussed during New Employee Orientation, which occurs in a new employee's first week on the job. As part of your

Usnig the Excel countif function for estimated tire miles

Grear Tire company has produced a new tire with an estimated mean lifetime mileage of 36,500 miles. Management also believes that the standard deviation is 5000 miles and that tire mileage is normally distributed. Use a worksheet to simulate the miles obtained for a sample of 500 tires. A) USE THE EXCEL COUNTIF FUNCTION to de

Management: performance appraisals, employee relations strategies, policies

1. Describe common problems affecting performance appraisals. 2. Explain in detail the impact of changes in employee relations strategies, policies, and practices on organizational performance. Explaniation of number 2 (What is the impact on the performance of employees with changes in the policy, or procedures of an o

Question about Decision Implementation

EMIRATE AIR Using the information from the case, independent research, the mission of your current organization, prepare a paper, which you describe your rationale and plan for implementation for the proposed solution(s) for your organization to establish a greater presence on Kava by: 1) Determine factors affecting decisio

performance in proper financial management

I am a independent financial advisor who have had discussions with the board of directors of the company XYZ plc. In doing so, I have identified the following key areas which need to be addressed. .................................................. In a firm XYZ plc. there is little understanding of the role of a financ

Fast Food Chains: Compare products of McDonalds to Burger King

Topic Fast food chains 1) Identify the product, industry, and two firms in the selected industry. The product is Hamburger. The industry is Fast Food Chains and the two firms are McDonalds and Burger King. 2) With the help of industry reports and related articles, collect information about the: Types of products th

Case Study: Profit Maximization In Perfect Competition Market

Solving a Numerical or Profit Maximization in Perfect Competition Introduction: Firm PQR produces a product 'Alpha' under perfect competition market conditions. The cost function for the firm is: TC = 1500 + 200 Q + Q2 The market supply and demand equations for the product 'Alpha' in the perfect competition market are: Q

Financial Forecasting: Growing Pains for Oats 'R' Us

Case: "We are growing too fast," said Mason. "I know I shouldn't complain, but we better have the capacity to fill the orders or we'll be hurting ourselves." Vicky and Mason Coleman started their oatmeal snacks company in 1998, upon the suggestions of their close friends who simply loved the way their oatmeal tasted. Mason, a

Right-Way Supermarket Case: Motivational approach with Amy

Please provide assistance with the discussion questions below. Thank you. -------------------- Fred Ferrell the store manager of the Right-Way Supermarket in Beaumont, a small suburban area of some 1,300 families. The store's staff consists of a produce manager, a meat manager and butcher, five checkers, four stockers,

Exploratory and Qualitative Research

I need help on where to find the follow question: Discuss how exploratory research methods could be used in qualitative research study. Provide an example from a reference and discuss how qualitative research connects with quantitative research.