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Business Management

The Terms of the Advertisement

According to the video "Bait and Switch" to what extent an advertisement binds the advertiser to the terms of the advertisement.

Probabilty and Randomness

Problem #1 What is the chance of getting eight or fewer tails on 10 flips of a coin? Problem #2 A salesperson has been losing 25% of potential sales. In a study of 20 random sales contacts from this salesperson, what is the probability of finding 4 or more successful sales? Problem #3 An automatic transmission repair shop

Estimation Techniques

ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES Five duration estimation techniques. describe the advantages and disadvantages for each of the five techniques. Include an example of when it is appropriate to use each technique. These are the techniques 1. Stochastic Approach 2. Deterministic Approach 3. Modular Technique 4. Benchmark Job Tec

Business Management: Leadership Traits of Managers

Explain if you would be willing to accept a smaller salary increase or bonus so that your employer could invest in a socially responsible cause such as providing shelter for homeless people or Internet access for disadvantaged children. What is your position on the ethics of a business leader receiving US$100 million or more in

Green and Sustainability

Why is there a need for a green and sustainable movement? What has happened in the past to necessitate a push towards green and sustainable planning, policies, and procedures? If things had been done differently in the past, would we need a green and sustainable movement today? Explain why or why not.

Business Management: Disciplinary Process

The primary purpose of any corrective action plan is to improve performance. It is essential to separate performance problems form behavioral problems. Performance problems are dealt with through additional training, behavioral problems require disciplinary action. In other words, is it that the employee cannot perform the

Employee Promotion, Goals, Stronger Team, Stability & Benefits

Here is the second part of business management question for this week. 1. Anyone who is able to be promoted is an employee who has set goals and accomplished them. Explain why you agree or disagree with the above statement and support your response with references. 2. Supportive colleagues can only make a team stronge

Consulting Teams, Process or Technique, Resistance to Change

You have completed the planning sessions. As a combined unit (representing both the external and internal consulting teams), you will discuss guidelines for how you will work together. On the Discussion Board: List the things the consulting team needs to address so they will operate effectively. What process or technique

Background Checks and Job Performance

Do background checks really help predict whether an individual will perform well in a job? In your answer, address how the reliability and validity of the background check impact their value in the hiring process.

Sample Annotated Bibliography

Suggest an annotated bibliography for these: Acur, N., & Bititci, U. (2004). A balanced approach to strategy process. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 24(4), 388-408. Retrieved from http://www.emeraldinsight.com/10.1108/01443570410524659 The Global Logic of Strategic Alliances. Ohmae, K. (19

Green and Sustainable Business

Technology plays an important role in the green and sustainable business movement. Throughout history, in what ways has technology helped businesses become green and sustainable? In what ways has technology hindered businesses in their quest to become green and sustainable? Explain your answer with examples

Advance Learner Time Managment

Do you find time management to not perhaps be very difficult? That you have a good handle on time management? If so can you share some strategies?

Tata Motors Steers Into Ultra Affordable Cars

Tata Steers Into Ultra Affordable Cars How can a car sell for less than $3,000? That's the price Tata Motors set for it's new People'smotor, this tiny car includes absolutely no extras-no radio, no reclining seats. What the People's car does have, however, is an ultra -low price tag. And that is what makes it very attractive


If you owned a surf shop in California, what factors might determine the amount of surfboard sales you have in a month? How could you increase your board sales?

Affect of Ethanol on the Corn Market

Explain how the market for corn would be affected if ethanol, a corn derivative, was used to fuel cars in the United States. How would the market be affected if a new technology caused corn farming to be more efficient?

Research Methods:

Read the article "To stream or not to stream in a quantitative business course" by Buhagiar & Potter. You will find this research study at: http://www.aabri.com/manuscripts/09417.pdf Sample â?¢ Was the sample selected in such a way that you think it is representative of the population? â?¢ Is it clear where the samp

Biases and Judgement

Part 1 For this assignment, use the same hypothesis and the Literature Review from your IP1 assignment and compose a 2-3 page theoretical framework (Step 4 of the Sekaran process). Use the components of a theoretical framework described in the Sekaran textbook as well as the examples contained in the textbook and in publishe


1) When we talk about corporate governance we sometimes forget the diversity of U.S. corporations. How is corporate governance different in a public company as compared with a private company, or a nonprofit corporation? Why? 2) Boards of Directors have become more independent of management in recent years than they used

MGT510 Strategic Management

Select a non-profit organization social group or volunteer agency that you know of, or of which you are a member, that you believe has an ethical culture. In what way is leadership a factor? What factors caused this culture to be ethical? Are there any events that would cause the culture to become less ethical? If so, what are t

Emantically, Syntactically Ambiguous or Free from Ambiguity

1. Decide whether the following claim a) states a value judgment not open to critical inspection, b) states a value judgment that is open to critical inspection (moral judgments), or c) is not a value judgment. If it is difficult to decide, try to identify the source of the problem. Explain your answer. The air in Cle

Cutter & Buck Inc: Organization and Supply Chain Integration

Please help with the following problem. Consider this company: Cutter & Buck Inc. Discuss the structure of this organization and its supply chain integration. horizontal organizational structure, vertical organizational structure, managers, employees, market logistics

Training and Development

Training Evaluation, Validation As the training manager, you are preparing to interview several consultants who may provide training services to your organization. As one of the goals for the interview, you want to find out about the evaluation and validation techniques of the consultants. Identify examples you will be look