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    Job Satisfaction Management Strategies

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    Please use this as a example and in during so Conduct research and select, evaluate, and discuss (a) three factors that impact job satisfaction and morale, and (b) examines the impact of cultural diversity on job satisfaction. These are some possible research directions: What indicators are used to determine job satisfaction ratings? How does quality of life factor into worker perspectives? Are there any global differences in definitions and expectations? How do management practices affect the research results? How will this research affect your management strategies? include your use of at least five (5) peer reviewed journal articles or textbook references.

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    Job Satisfaction
    Three Factors that Impact Job Satisfaction and Morale

    Job satisfaction is acquired based on three factors as follows:
    1) Employees have different values and each have a different level of importance.
    2) Different employees have different views about which values are the most important to them.
    3) What an employee's perceptions are as to conditions at work or the job description,
    Job satisfaction is affected by working conditions, whether they are good or bad. Some working conditions can have safety hazards that a company does not address. Some have the greatest offices, to say nothing about the break room! Other issues become more personal such as personal dispositions have a lot to do satisfaction ranging from conflicts of interest with other employees or bosses to great relationships with either the same level bosses or higher level management.
    Tasks and roles are very climatic issues. With some exceptions, oddly there is a very strong positive relationship between task complexity and job satisfaction. If the job is boring because it is so simple or repetitive, it is not mentally challenging; therefore, it leads to a frustrated and dissatisfied employee. Job complexity leads to job satisfaction. Employers implement job rotation to add diversity to jobs and to help employees cope with burn out.
    Supervisors and co-workers can affect job satisfaction in big ways. Employees can be content with their boss because their values, beliefs, or attitudes are identical. The other reason they can be content with them is because the boss is supportive of the employees' goals. All in all, there are many reasons why an employee is happy or not with their job.
    The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Job Satisfaction
    Cultures have an impact on how to manage people. Cultures differ in very independent ways such as how leaders act and how the subordinate expects the leaders to act. There are also different views of how decisions are handled in the hierarchy of the company, and what actually makes employees motivated. Examples of this, in Germany, employees become managers based on how they demonstrate their technical skills. In the Netherlands, promotions are based on the open-ended exchange of views and gaining a happy medium in interests.
    The influence of cultures may dictate what is appropriate when it comes to human resource practices. In the United States, the focus for promotions is on the employee's technical skills, but also on social skills. Salary compensation may differ in cultures from low to ...

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