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Retaining Employees

How can an organization with limited funds remain competitive in recruiting and retaining employees?

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This is an issue of HRM. Human Resources Management (HRM) is that branch of management that deals with managing one of the resources of the organization-Human Resources

It can be efficient by adapting following strategies:
1. Using employee and other referrals for attracting prospective candidates for employment.
2. Using Internet job portals for the recruitment which are cheaper then newspaper and other advertisement.
3.Besides money there are other factors also which affect motivation, which will affect the retention of the employees. These are:


The organization provides the employee with a sense of identity and the employee is known in society by the organization for which he works. The organization for which the employee works can give him prestige and social status.

2.Career development:

This has been found true in case of employees at the managerial positions. For them career advancement becomes very important and it motivates them to put in their best.

3.Employee abilities:

The work, which motivates employees most, is the one that makes ...

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