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Retaining Employees

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As labor markets continue to tighten, and the cost of turnover increases, organizations can consider a variety of methods to measure employee engagement and satisfaction, in an effort to retain top employees.

Discuss ways your organization measures or monitors employee satisfaction, such as focus groups or employee surveys, and your thoughts regarding effectiveness of these strategies. Does your HR department communicate results with employees in a timely manner? Do you feel you are able to affect change within your organization by participating in any offered venues? What role, if any, should managers play in ensuring employee satisfaction and retention or is this simply an HR function?

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Retaining Employees is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation.

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My company carries out employee surveys from time to time and monitors employee satisfaction. There are five dimensions that the surveys check out. These are:
1. The extent to which the employees feel that the management supports and shows understanding of employee problem;
2. If the employees share the extent to which their work is valued with others in the company.
3. The degree to which ...

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