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Business Management

Policy and Power Point Presentation on Abuse of Internet Use

Policy and communication and education process for several areas needing attention. Assume that all of these policies will address subjects that have until now been handled informally and inconsistently throughout the company. Policies need to be developed for the following: abuse of the internet. Prepare a training or orien

case study - communicate the costs of your department

As the manager of inland department for Sea Transport, a large international transport company in Baltimore, you are responsible for providing door delivery service to your customers with your own trucks within the U.S, which includes a pick-up from the port, and delivery to the customer's address. But of course, operating with

Business Management: Open to Learning

Do you think that being open to learning is critical to the ultimate in change management? What is the influence of trust element in contributing factors to the change effort? Support your response with references. What is the influence of the competence element as a contributing factor to the change effort? Do you think

Business Strategy Framework

Consider this: "Every organization department whether it be sales, human resources, and marketing, work together in some form or another according to the framework." Give one specific business example and how it impacts or forms strategy.

Creating a Histogram

Obtain the mean and standard deviation for data attached and create a histogram for data frequencies using Microsoft Excel program. The bin range can be left blank.Use the created histogram of data attached and determine how many points are out of control according to the upper control limit and lower control limit.

Accusing a colleague of research misconduct

How do you think you would feel about accusing a colleague of research misconduct? To whom would you speak to in case you had suspicions of misconduct by a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, laboratory head, or department head? Please provide ideas for these questions.


Will Companies Ever Learn 1. In the first article by Alan Webber, Judy Rosenblum states that learning is strategic choice that requires certain actions and attitudes. Describe some of those actions and attitudes and explain how these (actions and Attitudes) are treated differently in a learning organization. For example what i

Transformational Companies: Changes in Leadership Styles

Selected: CITIBANK Select a dynamic or transformational company whose response to changing market conditions indicates the company's leadership style has evolved to guide the organization. Discuss what the leadership style originally was and what it is probably like today.

Components of the System-Level Design Business Model

A business model is defined in its most basic sense - how, and why, a firm expects to earn a profit, but more importantly how it expects to earn a profit above the industry average (economic rent). Business models are often concerned with volume (scale), fixed costs, and break-even points. What are the components of SLD's b

Management: Types of Control Systems and Process Controls

What is the control function of management? Why does the controlling function of management have a negative connotation? How is the controlling function of management evolving? What are the different types of control systems? What are some advantages and disadvantages of the various control mechanisms? How does your organiza

The Process of Filing a Lawsuit

What are the steps in a lawsuit starting with filing the compliant? Who are the parties? What happens if you are sued and you don't respond to the summons? What is voir dire?

Green and Sustainable Business

How do you get stakeholders involved in participating in your green and sustainable policies? What might you do to gather their support for the company to adopt green and sustainable policies?

Training and Development: Discuss Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

You have been asked to speak to your local training and development group on individual development plans (IDPs). Specifically, you are focusing on the following: * how to create effective IDPs * how to evaluate IDPs * the importance of IDPs Research this topic and back up your recommendations for creating a

Universal Studios to design a research study

Universal Studios to design a research study investigating how families make vacation decisions. Whom, within the family, would you interview? What kind of questions would you ask?

Green and Sustainable Business

Why might management resist choosing to go green? What reasons might there be for or against utilizing a more sustainable approach towards business? What might be some of the short-term and long-term considerations or advantages of being more eco-friendly?

discussion on mentors and job shadowing

1. Describe what you might learn by job shadowing that will make you a stronger candidate to enter the business world. 2. Specify exactly what the process would be to find and shadow a mentor. 3. Discuss what skills a person needs to develop or further develop to be able to have a productive Mentor/Mentee relationship.

The Concept of Transparency and the Crime of Insider Trading

How does the concept of transparency relate to the crime of insider trading? Please give an example of each. Please examine the idea of altruism and whether it supports the system of capitalism or not. Discuss whether altruism is appropriate in the business world. In assessing boards' duties, does it make sense to put the

Employee Relations and Global Human Resources

Employee Relations, Global HR You know that many factors affect the overall satisfaction of employees. As part of your efforts to continually improve performance and employee satisfaction at your own organization, you decide to learn what other top companies are doing in this area. Share your research with decision makers at


Can you comment on below? "It's hard to what to do if you don't know where you're going or why. This is why companies have missions, visions, goals, and strategies. Strategic planning is put into place to ensure that companies have a plan or roadmap to get to the goal. The mission is the purpose of the company or why the

Eliminate wait times

Everyone hates to wait to receive their service or product. From waiting in line at the supermarket, to waiting for packages to arrive, customers simply don't like to wait. Today's fast paced society has become even less tolerable to delays then ever before. As a manager (of anything you choose) why is it important to elimina

Method of evaluating a company's overall "health"

This method of evaluating a company's overall "health" answers such questions as: How do customers see us? At what must we excel? How do we look at shareholders? Etc. a) Dashboard b) Balanced Scorecard c) Weighted Scoring Method d) Options Pricing e) Corporate Health Scorecard

Briefly describe your attitude towards Nike and Nike products.

Briefly describe your attitude towards Nike and Nike products. Assume you wanted to improve or create favorable attitudes among college students toward the Nike brand. Would you focus primarily on the affective, conative, or cognitive components? Why? Why would Nike allow consumers the option to customize products?