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Business Management

Work Place Dilemas

Please assist with a 100-150 words with each question 1. What are examples of workplace dilemmas that are solved by proper leadership? 2. What is the managerial responsibility for ethical leadership in an organization? 3. What is the application of ethical systems to critical thinking and decision ma

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices

What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices, including telecommuting? Answer this question twice--once from the perspective of an employee, once from the perspective of a manager.

Regulatory Training

Regulatory Training Who is ultimately responsible for compliance in an organization? Businesses are now forced to demonstrate diligence on regulatory issues and one way they do this is through training programs. However, organizations are facing questions such as: Is the training manager responsible for the compliance


How is Starbucks doing today in terms of their global expansion, do you think it is time for the company to revise their strategy?

Concepts in Participative Management

One of the relatively new concepts in management is participate management. Have you experienced it in (any of) your position(s)? For what situations would you recommend it? Is it effective? What are its drawbacks? Illustrate your opinion by examples. Analyze it in light of the domain of industry and commerce that your discus

Transformed Safeway

I need some info on Safeway stores to help answer the following: * Current flexibility features or positive results in the transformation model of Safeway * Features of the flat hierarchical structure of the transformed Safeway

Economics help

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to a new position at the Tootsie Roll Company. In your new position, you have been asked by the accounting department to provide them with some cost data. The basis for your report is a table that was begun by your predecessor. Your task is to fill in the missing values in the table b

Old and Transformed Organization

Please analyzed the attachment document and assist with a 2 page outline (This shall be listed in bullet points) on Networking that compare and contrast the features found in the old and transformed organizational models of the Wal-Mart Use the outline and develop a 700-800 words paper on Networking that compare and contrast

Collective Bargaining

Which do you believe to be a superior resolution process, arbitration or court action? Why?


To facilitate the completion of your Final Project, each Unit's Project will build your knowledge base about a specific organization, as well as increase your ability to evaluate various aspects of the selected organization's training program. In order to begin your Final Project, you must choose the organization you intend t

Lifecycle Nutrition Presentation

? Prepare a PowerPoint® presentation on nutritional needs at a selected stage of life. (OLDER ADULT) The 15-minute presentation must include speakers' notes and at least three references other than the course text. ? Address the following: o What are the nutritional needs at this stage in life? o How are the needs at this st

Development and Training Paper

A. Prepare a 1,400-1,750-word paper using your organization, or one that you are familiar with, and have access to the necessary information in order to identify an issue that can be improved by developing a training program. Use the five step process below to develop the appropriate training program. 1) Needs assessment: What

Business Writing portfolio

You are a public relations manager called upon to present some information regarding changes in retail store operations to three different sets of stakeholders of a retail clothing store chain. The stakeholders include store managers, store employees, retail customers and the public. You must explain adjustments made to combat r

Operations, Costs of Goods and Overhead Variance

1. Information about the production and sales of its only product during its first month of operations: Sales ($225 per unit) $405,000 Direct materials used $176,000 Direct labor $100,000 Variable factory overhead $44,000 Fixed factory overhead $80,000 Variable selling and administrative expenses $20,000 Fixed s

Business Management of Telecommunications: DSL network for a small rural town

Consider that you have just been hired to build a DSL line delivery system for a small rural town. The town has decided to build a fiber optic network, connect each house to the network and then deliver all audio, video, voice and networking services to every citizen. It will also use the system to read all meters remotely. The

Administrators - General versus specialized approach

IT administrators in small companies must often execute several functions at the same time like network administrator, database administrator, user consultant and others. Compared to their situation, their colleagues in larger companies can get more specialized. What are advantages and disadvantages of each case?


After carefully reading through the articles, please answer (in about three pages), the following questions: What negotiation approach and style did the Teachers adopt? Why were the proposals offered to the teachers, rejected? This is the KEY question - In hindsight, what (in your opinion), were the teachers' mistakes,

Flat Organization

Integrate the attached Organizational Change Paper and the references and the Outline: to address organizational dimensions. 2. Project: Part Three: Flat Organizations Having analyzed the attached documents please prepare a 2 page outline for the project that compares/contrasts the hierarchy within the old organizational s

training guide for management team

Your management team has been retained by a senior manager who is concerned about the effectiveness of his managers and their teams. Suggest and summarize in-depth how the team will plan, organize, control, and lead, to achieve the goals of a successful training guide on delegation.

Job Satisfaction!

Job Satisfaction Paper Please assist with 900-1050 word paper that discusses how you motivate yourself and others to be productive. What does it take to keep you satisfied in your job? Please include 2 references. Thanks

Discussing Bounded Awareness

Task: Discuss your feelings about bounded awareness and its various components. How has bounded awareness prevented you from making a good decision in your business?

Management Strategy

In developing corporate strategy, most experts advise starting with an analysis of (1) organizational resources and (2) forces in the organization's environment. Some of these factors clearly can be categorized as inputs to the system, while others may be more accurately described as throughput resources internal to the organiza

Transportation problem excel solver

Bindley Corporation has a one-year contract to supply motors for all washing machines produced by Rinso Ltd. Rinso manufactures the washers at four locations around the country: New York, Fort Worth, San Diego and Minneapolis. Plans call for the following number of washing machines to be produced at each location: New York 5

Business continuity and risk management course

Find an organization or brand that has suffered an image impact. How has the organization responded? Was it effective? How would you define 'effective'? What would you have done differently? Write a 700 - 1000 word paper on the above. Please provide sources of information and write only about topic.

Resistance to Change: Different Structures and Cultures

Organizations have distinct structures and cultures that influence their direction and reactions to change. Your director is thinking about proposing a new process for sales that represents a fairly large shift in the way things are currently done. The director would like to meet with you to discuss any possible resistance to th

Path-Goal Theory with a company example

I need help finding an information on any company EXCEPT Starbucks, General Electric (GE), Hyundai Motor Company, Marriott, Southwest Airlines, Motorola, Toyota and IBM. I need about 150 - 200 words on an issue the company had (ie: employee morale) and how they solved the problem with the Path-goal theory of management. The path

Positivism versus contsuctitivism

Hospital managers are concerned that some patients with medical emergencies wait too long in the casualty department before they are diagnosed and treated. During a meeting, two groups of proposals have appeared: Several managers recommend observing and recording emergency patient numbers, waiting and treatment times, staffin