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Sustainability Argument

Kirk & Okazawa-Rey (2007) argues sustainability from an economic point of view means rethinking materialism and consumerism and finding new ways to develop and distribute wealth so that everyone has the basics of life. In our roles as scholar practitioners, entrepreneurs, and leaders there is much we can do to nurture and cultivate powerful and positive awareness in helping to introduce sustainability and the impact our decisions as consumers have; and make the invisible become visible. By leading by example on how to make sustainable life and consumer decisions will help those around us take a comprehensive look at the interconnections that exist between ecological, economic and equity issues such as global warming, pollution, health and poverty and work towards lasting solutions (Edwards, 2005).

Do you agree that sustainability is something we all must be a part of?

Kirk, G., & Okazawa-Rey, M. (2007). Women's lives: Multicultural perspectives, (4th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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For sustainability to work, yes we must do our best to be part of it. Without everyone working toward the goals of sustainability we lose important ideas and strength in numbers that make change possible. Without everyone, we might overlook needs we are each not familiar with or issues that don't affect us directly, but ...

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This solution discusses whether sustainability is something we must all be a part of.