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Organizational change for sustainability

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1. What type of change does this case describe?

2. Which theory of change best describe it and why?

3. What functional areas of the business were involved in this change?how were they involved?Did the organizational actors anticipate that all these function areas would be involved in the change effort?

4. What were the organizational actors underlying assumption in this change effort?
5. What have you learned so far that could explain the success or lack of success of this change effort?

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1. What type of change does this case describe?
The type of change this case describes is a change of organizational culture. Norm Thompson Outfitters wants sustainability to be an integral part of its culture. It has taken steps like reducing the post consumer waste paper, introduced organically grown cotton into certain products, reduced the number of mailings, and cut solid waste at its headquarters. The company has incorporated sustainability as an essential part of its culture.

2.Which theory of change best describe it and why?
Norm Thompson Outfitters change is best described by the Strategic Choice Theory. The theory considers the relevant forces in the external environment that affect employment relationships. This changing external environment induces employers to make adjustments in their competitive business strategies. While making these adjustments, the range of options considered is constrained so as to be consistent with ...

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