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    Analysis Methods for Quality Assessment: Analyze Honda Civic

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    Explore the products and services of the company and their quality efforts. Consider if the company is a manufacturing company or if it is in the Retail or Service sector. Do research on the company on the Web and find a quality issue or invent an issue that would fit with the type of product or service that they deliver. The kind of quality issue should be one in which you need to understand if there is a difference in three or more means.

    Here are a few typical examples of this kind of problem.

    * A manufacturing process utilizes three different machines to do the same operation, drilling a hole with a specified diameter. Is there a difference in the average size of the hole being drilled on these machines?
    * A gasoline company has four different formulations for a new gasoline product utilizing Xethanol. The mileage (miles per gallon) is tested on ten different automobiles for each of the four blends. Is there a difference in the mpg for these four blends?
    * A candy manufacturer makes hard candies in five different colors. Is there a difference in the mean weights of candies of different colors?

    ASSIGNMENT: After you have done research on your company and have a quality issue that can be analyzed with ANOVA, discuss it in a paper.

    Assignment Expectations: Describe the product or service, the quality issue and why it is important. Describe how the data would be collected and what the categories are in which you need to determine if there is a difference in the mean. Why is it important to know, and what are the implications if the means are equal and if they are not equal? Do you need to go further and find out which specific means are not equal to each other? Be sure to include your references.

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    Honda Civic Hybrid Hypothesis
    Honda has history of environmental leadership and the company has carried its tradition along by getting recognized as country's greenest automaker by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). The Honda's most innovative offering has been with Civic Hybrid. The company boasts of providing advantage of all the gas-saving technology in the new Civic Hybrid and an estimated mileage one can get on the highway is 44 mpg. The vehicle comes with a quick and easy way to boost efficiency in the form of the ECON button. When the button is pushed, the engine and other power-using system go into super-efficient mode to maximize the mileage.
    However, not all customers would agree to the mileage provided by Honda for its Civic Hybrid. Many of them believe that the mileage is quite disappointing which might be due to some manufacturing quality issue with the Honda Civic Hybrid (HCH) and particularly the CVT that is causing high rate of low mileage experiences when compared with other make and model hybrids. A step further in ...

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