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    Correlation Analysis for the Hybrid Honda Civic

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    Assignment: Honda civic Hybrid, explore its quality situation and determine a problem or issue that requires the use of correlation analysis. Explore this situation in depth and write a paper about it. This should be a different situation than the one you used before.
    Assignment Expectations: The Main Point of the paper is to explain why using correlation analysis is useful in this situation. Provide the background information about the situation, how you would collect the data for the variables and how you would determine the correlation statistics. Then make a case for the Main Point. The paper should be two pages. Double space, and APA style.

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    Honda Civic Hybrid-Correlation
    Gasoline prices make the car manufacturer think harder as the market need a more fuel efficient car. At the same time the vehicle needs to be environment friendly. Honda's Civic Hybrid has been the choice of consumers ever since it was launched. The vehicle offered customers with the best technology that combined benefits of gasoline and electric vehicles. However, if we analyze the sales for the vehicle, we might get a correlation between gas prices and the vehicle demand. This implies that the vehicle, despite having a market of its own is dependent on some other variable. According to this correlation, the consumer behavior changes as gas prices changed. The Civic Hybrid's sales dropped with changes in gas prices.
    Correlation Case
    The problem faced by Honda for fluctuating sales for its ...

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    Correlation analysis for the Hybrid Honda Civic is examined.