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Business Management

Complexity theory framework: small system changes lead to transformation

Explain and discuss, within a complexity theory framework, how small changes in a system can lead to large, or even radical transformational changes in an organization. You may also wish to show how understanding organizations as complex adaptive systems can affect the innovation process as well as leadership.

Demand and Supply Economics

Please circle the most correct or appropriate answer. Please only choose one answer per Question. Multiple selections will lead to a zero grade. 1. Which of the following event will shift the demand for apple to the right? a. An increase in income b. An increase in the price of bananas, a substitute for apple c. A news

Developing Network for Training Programs

Sid Davidson is the personnel director of Babson and Willcount, a company that specializes in consulting and research. One of the training programs that Sid is considering for the middle-level managers of Babson and Willcount is leadership training. Sid has listed a number of activities that must be completed before a training p

Should individuals question the spending habits of others?

I think we have had several people in the finance business fall into this trap and some are now in prison or on their way to prison. I sometimes wonder which came first - the chicken or the egg. Is it possible for a person to swindle millions from innocent people and live lavishly (million dollar homes in several locations, expe

Ethics and Profit in Business

It is possible to ethical and profitable in business. Not everything is about taking from others, though lately it would appear there are more cases of people profiting off the misery of others. The one good thing that has appeared from the economic crisis is the exposure of those who are committed to taking from others in an il

Keep Carolcon Metals in Minnesota - The Community Stakeholder

Please help get me going with the following debate: I have to argue to keep Carolcon Metals in Minnesota. Debate Carolcon Metals in Minnesota is in trouble. For the past 5 years, they have been losing ground to the competition in an especially fierce industry. All competitors have moved mining and production facilities to

Cost Advantages and Economy Types

Laura's Raw Yarn (LRY) Company sells undyed wool yarn through the mail, promoting it through craft magazines. All of the raw wool is supplied by Stephen Rich Lamb Farms which raises lambs to be sold to local butchers and sells its wool only to LRY, which then spins the wool into high quality yarn. The yarn is bought by individ

Conflicts in Healthcare Management

You and Mr. Wood attend a meeting of the hospital's public relations (PR) committee. This PR committee wants to initiate an in-house and community campaign in celebration of the hospital's 25th year of operation. The PR committee has initiated a series of meetings in which various campaign ideas will be discussed including takin

Is an MBA worth it?

Hey, MBAs appear to be in high demand. Graduates are expected on average to make a base salary near $100,000. Every year, an additional 100,000 MBAs are conferred. But, there is a huge flip-side. MBAs program only require a 4 year in any subject (not necessarily business administration courses like management, marketing, huma

Methods used in recruitment

Briefly describe the organization Describe the nature of recruitment, as well as of the methods used in recruitment, in the organization Identify key issues that the organization faces in recruitment, and assess how well its current recruitment methods address those issues. Based on your analysis, make three recommenda

Assess John's job offer of a Customer Logistics Manager

John has been working for Acme Company for 8 years. As a Team Leader, he has 4 direct reports (1 exempt and 2 non exempt) and is seen as a subject matter expert in customer logistics and order fulfillment. He interacts in meetings with others that are 3-5 levels higher than he is. His manager is 4 levels higher than he is, an

Cell Phones

Please help with the following problem. Select a subject about which you would develop your research paper on, "Cell Phones". Discuss how you would (a) conduct a search to develop a working knowledge of your selected subject; (b) discuss how you would narrow the subject to focus on a specific topic so that your research is

Freight Charges-Discussion Board

Discuss how freight charges change the dynamics of trade over long distances. Research at least two companies that have tried to increase sales by revising freight charges

Arguments for Paying Extra Amount

Cheap And Save Food Stores Limited regularly purchased large quantities of strawberries for its bulk food section from a Canadian food wholesaler. The purchase of strawberries was carried out with a separate purchase order and invoice each time although a full, written contract had been executed between the parties governing the

Quasi-Experimental and Experimental Design

When might a quasi-experimental design be chosen over an experimental design? What considerations must a researcher make when deciding which approach to take? What are the threats to validity and reliability is this design trying to control for?

PowerPoint Presentation--Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) and its founder, Martha Stewart, have been prominently in the news over the felony conviction of its namesake founder. Use the South University Online Library Databases and Internet websites to search for different news reports regarding this issue and identify at least three different perce

Pick 5 members of the group to put out of a fallout shelter

We are trapped in a fallout shelter with a group of people and cannot leave it for 6 months. There are 9 people in the shelter and only enough food to keep 4 members alive for 6 months. Which of the following 9 people do we throw out of the shelter?: A male carpenter 25 years old, a male biologist 50 years old, a female attorney

List and define three types of maintenance.

List and define three types of maintenance. Which is the most frequent form of maintenance? Why? What can the systems analyst do to reduce this form? How does systems maintenance and support differ? How does implementing a maintenance change differ from developing a new system?? How are they similar?

Operations management problem- design of goods and services

You have a project to complete that your experts have indicated will take 6 weeks at a cost of $14,000 per week, regardless of which option you choose. However, some tasks within the options will get completed on time, and some will be late, no matter what you do - and there is an associated probability for each of the tasks wi