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Business Management

Keeping the environment safe.

I believe that technology is changing the way we produce food and manufacture goods. There seems to be no way of telling how this manipulation of the food will change the environment we live in. There is genetically altered corn that has not been proven safe for humans getting mixed into humans' food supplies. We do not know wha

Issues in Tourism Management

1. whether a website on the Internet is vital for the success of a home-based travel business or not. 2. ideas for getting connected and keeping good relations while you have a home-based travel business.

6 to 8 paragraphs apa format 2 to 3 references

It has been brought to the attention of Verybest's executive management team that the department managers have not been held accountable for their individual department's budget, which has contributed to increased costs and reduced profits. You need to: Evaluate the relationships between departmental and total facilities bud

Apa format 2 to 3 references

You are familiar with capitation as a payment methodology used in the healthcare industry. Health plans may pay a physician a per member, per month (PMPM) capitation payment for each person in which they are responsible. The CFO has asked you to create a brief summary of information on capitation. Prepare the following informa

Identify three prominent philosophical perspectives in the 20th Century

Write a paper in which you research and identify three prevailing philosophical perspectives at work during the 20th century. ? Provide an overview for each of the philosophies-where it arose, who created it, and its major tenets. ? Explain how each of these prominent philosophies of the 20th century reflec

Case Study on Wal-Mart

I am conducting a case study on Wal-Mart and need assistance in the following pertaining to Wal-Mart's structure and performance. 1. I need assistance in describing the facets of Wal-Mart's structure, and differentiate it from other types of organizational structures. 2. I need assistance in describing and analyzing t

Define the steps used in a scientific method

Can you share with some details, the steps used in a scientific method? You can show either life science steps (biological) or social science steps (using questionnaires, other).

Petsmart Background on Industry

Please research Petsmart 1) Introduction and background of the industry (company history; products and service offered; financial info for past five years).

Peters' Financial: Which stocks should be included in Ms. Charles' portfolio?

See attached file. Peters Financial needs to develop an investment portfolio for Mrs. Charles from the following list of possible investments. Investment Cash Required ($) Expected Annual Return ($) A 5,000 500 B 8,000 640 C 3,500 390 D 10,000 700 E 8,500 750 F 12,000 1,000 G 4,000 300 Ms. Charles has a total

Risk Management at Wal-Mart

Write a report that demonstrates the principles, concepts, types, frameworks and processes of Risk Management through the following: A. Define the concept of risk in an organisation (or an example case study organisation) and show how it might be closely tied to the amount of information that is available to make decisions.


If you were the operations manager and the growth profile forecast for 2005 reflected a 10% growth in the number of calls made over 2004, a 8% growth in 2006 over 2005 and a 7% growth in 2007 over 2006 what business strategies would you be considering for the company? I need help with ideas on this.

Artist inspiration

Artists try to give you beauty as they see it, even in the times of war they still painted pictures of how they saw the world even though war was all around them. I guess if they thought they could give the people something else to look at then it would help them take their mind off the war and off of problems. As for a musician

Literature Review and Best Practice Model

Task: 4 pages Review all the relevant literature by consulting leading text books, conference proceedings, international journals or/and any other available sources to develop and understanding of what involves in cost and time management and control in projects and what is considered as a best practices in terms of definitio

HR Evaluation for Kudler Foods

Will you assist me in performing a job analysis on the following positions of a grocery store: Store Manager, Cashier, Stock Person, Specialty Department Worker, Department Manager, and Bagger?

Paid time off Policies.

Need some background for a HR debate in business class on paid time off policies in Canada and mexico. I need information in comparing and contrasting the two countries that include main points about each country.

Research on Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Please help with ideas and information for me to write a research paper on Dr. W. Edwards Deming. I will write the paper myself, I just need help getting started. Thank you. ---- Topics of interest in this paper should include: brief biography of Dr. Deming, his work in Japan after WW2, his 14 Points, his System of profo

Knowledge of merit pay systems

Merit pay plans tend to the most common form of compensation in the United States. Although widely used, these systems are not suitable for all kinds of jobs. Based on your knowledge of merit pay systems, explain merit pay and identify at least three jobs for which merit pay is inappropriate hide problem

Retribution in Western nations for unpopular artists' opinions

Artists, especially those in Western nations, are used to a certain amount of freedom of expression. This is why they are having so much trouble with some of the issues that have arisen with the global war on terror. Islam, for example, has strict sanctions against portrayals of the Prophet; the result has been retribution again

Power Point and practices

You work for Ryers Associates, a business consulting company that helps small- and medium-sized businesses organize or restructure themselves to be more efficient and profitable. You are one of six senior consultants who works directly with clients. To prepare for an upcoming meeting with executives at ComSystems, a mobile phone

Organization design elements

Explain and contrast organization design elements and using your experience , what is the influence of organization design on the ability of an organization to succeed and be competitive?