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Business Management

Prepare a Memo requesting permission to research a proposal for Obesity and Kids

Identify the decision-maker(s) who will read your researched proposal and then write a memo depending upon whether the decision-maker is within or outside your organization requesting that you be given permission to move forward with your research, and why they should grant you this permission. The proposal is for Obesity an

Clear Optics break even for new product

1. See Clear Optics is considering producing a new line of eyewear. After considering the costs of raw materials and the cost of some new equipment, the company estimates fixed costs to be40,000 with a variable cost of $45 per unit produced. a. If the selling price of each new product is set at $100, how many units need to b


See attached file for part of the GM electric car ad. The entire GM file is too large to attach. PLEASE REVIEW ONLINE FOR 'GM THOMAS EDISON WAS RIGHT'. You are to analyze two ads: one is a nonprofit ad you will have to research for, and the other is a corporate/association ad you will choose from what we provide here.

Case study

Assistance is needed in the discussion of Big Blue Wields the Knife Again.

Business Communications: SEC risk management practices

Select a business case that involves your selected agency. Assess the business communications risk management practices of the case. The selected organization is The SEC. Provide references. This is not a paper; it's just asnwering a question on the selected business case and organization.

Health Care Organizations management

1. What are the different sources and types of authority? 2. What are the differences between line and staff jobs? How can these two types of jobs be linked and coordinated? 3. What is meant by the term "hospitalists"? 4. What is meant by the term "business process reengineering"?

Identifying Key Safety Issues & Designing a Security Process

Details: As the HR manager responsible for Safety and Security issues, you have been asked to develop a policy that will make sure the work environment is safe from a security standpoint, as well as from an injury perspective. You must also incorporate ways to keep your facility secure. You are responsible for a 400-person call-

Workplace Effectiveness with an Employee Assistance Program

Details: Review the definition of an Employee Assistance Program and learn the scope of services that can be offered. From your own experiences in the workplace, from your family's or friend's involvement, cite 2 examples where an EAP was used or where it could have been used to help the situation. Research and select 2 instance

Global Business: Identify advantages or obstacles for ING in Taiwan and Egypt

ING Direct is a financial provider and needs to be prepared to understand the market in which they seek to expand. Taiwan and Egypt are countries in which they seek to expand. Discuss the current population and people of Taiwan and Egypt: Current population and growth rate Density of population Demographic data (lif

Design Influences Paper: Hilton Hotels Corporation

Write a paper based the Hilton Hotels Corporation: 1. Four functional business areas: - Finance - Technology - Human resources - Sales and marketing 2. Provide a brief description of your selected organization and provide rationale as to why design is, or could be, beneficial to these areas. Cite sources of info

Unlocking and sharing business databases

Can you help me get started with this assignment? 1) What are the business benefits to Amazon and EBay of opening up some of their databases to developers and entrepreneurs? Do you agree with this strategy? 2) What business factors are causing Google to move slowly in opening up its databases? Do you agree with this go-slow

Basic principles of change management

Can you help me get started with this assignment? 8-10 PowerPoint Slides w/ speaker's notes Details: One of the major concerns you have about the imminent transition within your IT development department is the morale of the remaining EEST staff members. You see them affected by: - The departure of their former team-ma

Revise the scrambled paragraph for clarity and flow.

Learn as much as possible about the biases, education, age, status, style, and personal and professional concerns of your receivers. An audience-centered approach involves understanding and respecting the members of your audience and making every effort to get your message across in a way that is meaningful to them. This ability

Questions about Ebay as a business

1. What does eBay's corporate or multibusiness strategy for the twenty-first century appear to be? 2. List the businesses eBay is emphasizing and deemphasizing. 3. Which framework; portfolio approach, leveraging core competencies, or parenting/patching-best helps explain what eBay is doing today in its corporate strategy

Objective Measurable and Achievable

General Motors: - Reducing the percentage of automobiles using conventional ICE- This objective is not measurable, its just stating that they are going to do the best they can to reduce it. It doesn't give a deadline either. However, connected to this objective in the text, GM states the methods in which they are going

Eaton University

Eaton University is the company...and New Product Training is the topic Discuss the needs assessment: What are the training needs? Organize the solution in terms of an introduction, body, and summary/conclusion. Please provide proper references and cites properly format. If you are using a book, please provide author (

Strategically place the warehouses

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 300 words int he solution. How important is it to strategically place the warehouses? What elements are involved to make the decision where a warehouse should be located?

Design Strategies Paper

Write a 350- to 700-word paper identifying at least two design strategies used by organizations based outside North America. Compare and contrast the key elements of each organization's design strategy. Determine if the design strategy is being applied to address an organizational strategy, process, product, or service p

Sugar Substitute Case 7.1; Case 2, Coast Guard Cutter Decision Problem

Case 1: The Sugar Substitute Research Decision You are the head of research and development (R&D) * a major beer company. While working on a new beer product, one of the scientists in your unit seems to have tentatively identified a new chemical compound that has few calories but tastes closer to sugar than current sugar subs


Have you ever purchased a product and a few days after the warranty expires the product breaks? What are your thoughts around this?

Operations Management - Queue calculations

Hi there: I'd like some help with these 3 queuing problems. Examples and explanations are given. Thanks! Queue Management There is the "Queue calculations.xls" spreadsheet for this assignment. Included is an 'instructions' document with helpful information. Before attempting this assignment, anyone can review the ex

Who is ING Direct?

Who is ING Direct (not ING Group) and what type of business or product/service do they provide. Provide just a brief company history (no mare than 2 pages). Of how long has it been in business? Who owns it, the management structure, and number of employees.