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Business Management

Deciding on a Facility Location

1. What criteria should be used when considering where to locate a facility? What criteria does your organization consider when deciding the location of a facility? Are the criteria appropriate? How effective has your organization been in choosing appropriate facility locations? 2. What is the centroid method? Would this be a

Value alignment for Unilever

Unilever is the product. Explain how your individual values drive your actions and behaviors, and analyze the alignment between your values and actions and behaviors.

Survey Methodology in Research

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of survey methodology in research. Offer possible solutions to overcome stated disadvantages.

Construct a CPM chart

See instructions in attached file. Construct a CPM chart. Construct a CPM chart using the following data and note which path is the critical path. Activity Title Immediate Predecessors Time (weeks) 1-2 A n/a 1 2-3 B A 5 2-4 C A 2 3-5 D B 2 3-7 E B 2 4-5 F C 2 4-8 G C 3 5-6 H D, F 2 6-7 I H 3

Decision analysis

A financial advisor has recommended two possible mutual funds for investment: Fund A and Fund B. The return that will be achieved by each of these depends on whether the economy is good, fair, or poor. A payoff table has been constructed to illustrate this situation. (a) Draw a decision tree to represent this situation.

Management Decisions

What are some business decisions that managers could make? What tools will they use to make recommendations regarding these business decisions? Why? How will they measure the success of their recommendations?

Describe two methods to create a table, design changes

Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to create a table using several different methods, Please describe two methods and how easy you found them to use. Microsoft Word 2007 also allows you to easily change the design of a table. What are some examples of when you would want to change the look and feel of a table.

McDonald's new process compared to Burger King and Wendy's

Comparing McDonald's new process to the process used by Burger King and Wendy's, which process would appear to produce the freshest hamburgers? Which would be the worst in terms of freshness? Why? McDonald's currently uses a hybrid process that combines made-to-stock and made-to-order hamburgers. Hamburger patties are co

Qualitative and quantitative research methods

Provide a detailed discussion of the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods. Your response should include examples and a discussion of when and how to use each method.

Write TWO Negative Message letters

Write TWO Negative Message letters (one Bad News on any topic and One Arguable Claim (complaint Letter). It is important that you choose a topic that will allow you to develop the letter sufficiently to make the length guidelines, and will also demonstrate your skills as a writer. Write in the concise style characteristic of

Corporate Policy Regarding Gender Bias

Imagine that the CEO has asked HR to review the company's policies. You have been personally asked to identify an issue you feel needs addressing, to evaluate different parameters for ethically deciding on how to address the issue, and then to evaluate various polices in order to propose a policy that the company can implement t

Control Limits in a Business

Explain the control limits of the gym data, including the calculations and data used to determine them. Discuss the effect of any seasonal factors using the process performance data collected each week.Discuss the confidence intervals and their usefulness based on the number of data points. Day Time working out at gym (at

Classifications and Franchising in the Lodging Industry

1. What are some of the classifications of lodging properties? What are some examples of real-world lodging properties that represent these classifications? What are the differences between limited-service and full-service hotels? Why do these differences exist? 2. How does franchising work in the lodging industry? When shou

A business has a backlog of orders, and to meet its deadline

A business has a backlog of orders, and to meet its deadlines, management decides to run the firm seven days a week, eight hours a day. One of the employees, Marjorie Tollens, refuses to work on Saturday on religious grounds. Her refusal to work means that the firm may not meet its production deadlines, and may therefore suffer

Apply the theory of Constraints to your own working environment

Apply the theory of Constraints to your own working environment (past or present). Explain why your organization does not have unlimited resources (space, inventory, product line, etc). Explain why there are always limits to what your organization can do.

Impact of the Concept & Design on Product's Overall Cost

What impact does the concept and design stage have on the product's overall cost? Explain. I need an essay answering that question with a 300 words, no more than that please GOOD grammar and good choice of words is very important .

Business Statistics in Excel for Annual Demand

Problem:Business Statistics. Please use Excel. Answer questions 3 and 4. The answer for questions 1 and 2 have been provided to answer 3 and 4.. 1.) Annual demand 15000 Uncontrollable input Unit cost $80.00 Parameter Carrying cost rate 18% Parameter Order cost $220.00 Parameter Order quantity 677.0031866

Understanding Public Policy Aspects and Issues

Please help with responses to the questions below to better understand the aspects of public policy. The nature of planning: 1. Is planning in this arena irrational? 2. What difference might planning have taken in the US if we had the same number of people but only land the size of California? 3. What role do interest g

Creative thinking Inductive syllogism

Make the following inductive (statistical) syllogism into a relatively strong argument by supplying an appropriate premise or conclusion: "People who go to Burning Man are not like you and me. Why just look at how odd Greg is!"

Learning curves

Honda Motor Company has discovered a problem in the exhaust system of one of its automobile lines and has voluntarily agreed to make the necessary modifications to conform with government safety requirements. Standard procedure is for the firm to pay a flat fee to dealers for each modification completed. Honda is tryi

Optimal Solution - Constraints are binding and decision variable

Jake's Buy Products purchases two unprocessed corn (ConCorn and Stalkers) to produce various products. It has a customer order for 800 pounds of corn meal, 600 pounds of corn bran, and 500 pounds of corn feed. The amount of each product found in each 100 pound of the unprocessed corn and the cost per 100 pounds are given in the