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    Analyzing a Company's Environment and Management Issues and Forming PERT and Gantt Charts

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    Using an organization of interest as the subject matter, research the elements of business and provide 1 PERT chart and one 1 Gantt chart in addition to a written report that

    Analyzes the organization's basic legal, social, and economic environments
    Analyzes the organization's managerial, operational, and financial issues including:
    -Project Management
    -Project Timelines
    -Critical Paths and Contingency Planning
    -Implementation Plan Contingencies
    -Staffing Needs and Tools
    -One Gantt chart Example
    -One PERT Chart Example
    And analyzes the impact of potential change factors and the impact on the functions of management

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    Okay I'm giving you the general ideas and the information for the Gantt and PERTs.

    The company is one that helps find the disabled work in the community. The referrals come from the State Vocational Rehabilitation Department as part of the 1973 (and amended laws) Vocational Rehabilitation Act. The company acts as the evaluators for people with disabilities and injuries who want to return to the workplace. Since the law requires equal access to jobs with accommodations, this is an important element for those who wish to work and be productive citizens. Our company does not believe that anyone should be denied work or work cannot be tailored for everyone under the law. We work to ensure this happens and that the disabled can become tax-paying citizens.

    Our company consists of two partners, an operations manager/ Sr. Evaluator, two evaluators, and several people who work as supported ...

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    A general overview of 643 words for a company is given, including its legal, social and economic environments, managerial, financial and operational issues and the impact of factors changing on management functions. A Gantt and PERT chart is also attached in Word.