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Business Management

Country Risk Assessments

Can you give me some information on this? In practice, what are some of the challenges that come with the country risk assessments? What are some tools or resources that you think would work well in a Country risk analysis?

Major Decisions Based on Incorrect Assumptions

Find an example of a recent major decision (whether in business, politics, etc.) that was made based on assumptions that turned out to be incorrect. Explain why at least 2 assumptions for this decision were incorrect, and explain what led to their use as a basis for the decision. What would you have done to test the validi

The Great Temperature Debate

Case Study 3-1 Chapter 3: Legal Influences Part 1: Recognizing Rights and Responsibilities of Unions and Management The Employer is a small, non-union furniture manufacturer with 15 employees engaged in interstate commerce. Both of the employees involved in this case worked in the machine shop buidling as band-saw operators

A Change in the Medical Insurance Plan

Case Study 7-2 The employer designs, installs, and maintains private telephone systems for customers. Employees in the bargaining unit have been represented for many years by the union. The parties' current collective bargaining agreement provides for the following medical insurance benefits: "basic medical benefits covering re

Strengths and Gaps in Systems Theory

Strengths and Gaps in Systems Theory I need some help to research and analyze the systems theory. What are the strengths of this perspective of organizations? What are the gaps? Explain your rationale.

Analysis of Action Research

Analysis of Action Research Analyze the role of action research in organizational theory development & implementation. Be sure to address the following: Define action research Explore the process of theory development that evolves from action research Assess the value of implementation in the action research proc

Value tree examination of college choice

I need help examining the process that was used when you made the decision to attend your college. Evaluate the measures, objectives, and categories that led to a satisfactory decision. Support your answer with examples of objectives and measures used to support your decision. Include: An overview description of the elemen

Unionized organizations

Needing help with the outline and some examples or just 1 example of a unionized organization. Choose an organization with which you are familiar that is currently unionized. Outline the organization chosen by including the following: 1. Provide brief background information on your chosen organization. 2. Identify legal

Human Capital Management: Job Analysis Information

1) What is the value of understanding job analysis information as an operating manager? What can this information help you accomplish? How can you use the information to create a productive work environment? 2)What factors would you consider most important when determining leadership succession? Explain. 3) Are job descri

Cancer History & Sleep Related Variables in Cancer Survivors

Topic: Associations between Cancer History and Sleep Related Variables in Long-term Cancer Survivors Need argumentative stance for the topic. PROPOSAL In preparation for the Research Paper Associations between Cancer History and Sleep Related Variables in Long-term Cancer Survivor, you will need to submit a proposal of

Current Level of Responsibility and Decision-Making Ability

1. Summarize your current level of responsibility and decision- making ability in your company. What role do you play in your organization's strategy? What are your career goals for the next five years? What steps do you see yourself taking to achieve these goals? How will an MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler help you reach these goals

Research types and use for business problems or opportunities

(a) What types of research are conducted in your work environment (or other organizational setting with which you are familiar)? Briefly describe two or three examples. (b) Describe a business problem or opportunity that your organization is considering where business research would improve the quality of the decision. Wha

OH&S Manager Example Questions

The competency, methods, analyse and research for the role of OH&S manager. 1. Clearly explain the value of good information to an organization. 2. There are five basic decision making levels within an organization, Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Programmed and Non-programmed. Provide an OHS example of each level provid

Understanding the differences between virtual and face-to-face presentations is certainly becoming more important as business needs grow. Assess and explain the principal differences between face-to-face and virtual presentations. As an attendee or class participant, is seeing and interacting with the presenter of critical importance to you. Why or why not?

Understanding the differences between virtual and face-to-face presentations is certainly becoming more important as business needs grow. Assess and explain the principal differences between face-to-face and virtual presentations. As an attendee or class participant, is seeing and interacting with the presenter of critical impor

Draft policy for new patient information and patient flow for office visits

The office manager has asked for assistance in improving the gathering of patient data within the medical office and the patient flow through the visit process. The office manager has asked for your involvement on the project because she/he has noticed your attention to detail and enthusiasm. Draft the following: A polic

Business Management Sample Questions

1) Select a third party website. What airline system is this website using? How do you know this information? Why do you think it is important to use an airline system on a third party Internet site? Explain you answer. 2) What areas of the lodging industry has technology had the greatest influence? Are there certain property

Three Hospitality Management Questions

1.) Describe the components of effective communication 2.) How do effective communication skills enhance manager-employee relations? Provide examples to support your answer. 3.) Explain the relationship between ethical decision-making, financial responsibility, and maintaining a safe facility for employees and gue

Operations Management - Home Style Cookies

The Company The Baking Company is located in a small town in New York State. The bakery is run by two brothers. The company employs fewer than 200 people, mainly blue-collar workers, and the atmosphere is informal. The Product The company's only product is soft cookies, of which it makes over 50 varieties. Larger compan

Prepare an Analyses: Reorganization of Jobs and Responsibilities

Your employer has been going through many challenges this past eighteen months due to the recent financial crises. There has been major challenges throughout the company including, high turnover, software applications being used are outdated, stress is increasing for those employees who have been staying around, and morale is at

Discussing Three Key Activities in Strategic Management

1. Briefly discuss the three key activities in strategic management. Why is it important for managers to recognize the interdependent nature of these activities? 2. Explain the concept of "stakeholder management". Why shouldn't managers be solely interested in stockholder management, that is, maximizing the returns for owne

Identifying Dependent and Independent Variables

In the equation below what are the dependent and independent variables? Does the way we use the equal sign change which variables are dependent and independent? Explain Sales ______________________ Average Accounts Receivable

Hospitality Facilities Management

Hospitality Facilities Management Read three of the following three case studies below: ? Dry Trini with a Twist ? The Ink is Gray ? Frank in the Tank Answer each of the 3 questions following each case study in 150 words or more for a total of 450 words for each case study. ----------------------

Presentations and Meetings in Power Point

Assist in putting together a few slides on Power Point or just in Word (in bullet points) on Presentations and Meetings. I attached a copy of the chapter that the presentation should be about. Start the presentation from Page 264 - 268. Just use the chapter as a source and write in your own words.

Value of operations explained in this solution

Clemons Corporation has never paid a dividend. Its current FCF is $1,800,000 and is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5%. The WACC is 8%. What is Clemon's value of operations in millions? $19.4 $15 $21 $20.8 None of the above

Calculating the Terminal Value and Value of Operations

The Beatle Co. has never paid a dividend. FCF is projected to be $40,000 and $50,000 for the next two years, and after the second year it is expected to grow at a constant rate of 6%. The WACC is 11%. 1) What is the terminal or horizon, value of operations in millions? 2) What is the value of the Beatle Company operati