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Saudi Aramco Oil Company Research Paper

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I want a short background research, APA style (double space), the research is about the "Saudi Aramco Oil Company".

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Saudi Arabia Oil Company or Saudi Aramco is the state owned national oil company of Saudi Arabia. It boasts the world's largest proven crude oil reserves of 260.1 billion barrels, and the world's fourth largest gas reserves, with 279 trillion cubic feet. It also has the largest single hydrocarbon network in the world. (Saudi Aramco, 2011). It is the world's most valuable company, with an estimated value ranging from 2.3 trillion USD to 7 trillion USD. The company employees more than 55,000 workers, of which 7,057 are expatiates. In addition, the company continues to explore and discover more oil and gas reservoirs. The company invests in innovation, powers economic progress, and works toward energy sustainability. The company has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.


In 1933 the Saudi government agreed to allow Standard Oil of California explore Saudi Arabia for oil. Initially, no oil was found, and 50 percent of the stake was sold to Texas Oil Company. In 1938 oil was found, at the seventh drill site, which immediately produced over 1,500 barrels of ...

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This solution is a short research paper, APA style about the Saudi Aramco Oil Company.

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